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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Ok let's lose the same stone again for the gazillionth time!

Yes here I am at the top end of the 12s again when last time I blogged over a year ago I was a stone lighter. Getting a bit bored of wandering up and down the 12s although with everything that's been going on its amazing I haven't gone any higher so I should be grateful for that.

In the last year I had to decide between taking redundancy at the end of 2015 or relocating 200 miles south in a new job with the same company. I spent a lot of time exploring my options and came to the conclusion that my 'dream' jobs would either not be affordable or end up turning something I love into a chore (ski instructor being a good example of both). So I applied for and got the new job after my first interview for 8 years. I was so ridiculously nervous I don't know how I didn't just pass out. It didn't help that the guy interviewing me had forgotten the teleconference details (the second interviewer was dialling in) so I had to run down stairs to get them and by the time I got back to the interview room I was out of breath, sweaty and typed the number into the phone wrongly no less than 3 times. My new v-neck boden tunic had also moved inappropriately low so I had to do a bit of hoisting to hide my best assets!

So I'm moving to a city I had never been to until two months ago. I'm a bit scared and worried about being lonely moving away from friends and family. But I'll just have to throw myself into things and not think too much. Im going to join a rowing club and a cycling club for starters so need to get fit starting NOW!  I don't want to start this adventure worrying about muffin tops and not being able to breathe in my maximum control underwear.

Oh and did I mention I'm also turning 40 in March?!  Yeah time to stop treading water and get on with my life!

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starfish264 said...

Good luck with the new adventure! Sometimes moving to a new city is as good as anything else for completely freshening up your life! Hope it all goes well! xx

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