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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Wine = willpower fail

So there I am congratulating myself on losing again last week but I got a shock when I stepped on the scales this morning. 3lbs on since Friday. One hell of a weekend?! I know I always get a spike from the salty food and booze but that really tells how MUCH I let things slip.

Friday night I drank prosecco but ate healthily despite a really strong urge to go to the petrol station and buy crap.

Saturday morning I ummed and ahhhed about going for a run but fannied about for so long there wasn't time before going out to meet a friend for the afternoon drinking session. I stuck to prosecco but then we had a bowl of chips with dips. Then I had a glass of wine whilst waiting for the train. Mind you I did then go to a family BBQ and didn't drink anymore or eat carbs.

Sunday it all went horribly wrong. I started well by walking 9 miles to my friends house. We had prosecco and a platter of meats and cheeses.....and then she brought out a massive Italian flatbread with rosemary and garlic. It was like a freakin' single duvet size and I wanted to dive in and cuddle it!! I ate lots. Then I called in at co-op on my way home and got Pringles. Epic salty carb binge with extra wine.

I felt horrible on Monday. Bloated, a bit hungover and depressed. Really not worth the temporary enjoyment. I got straight back on the healthy eating and walked 14 miles, but I was beating myself up something rotten. Shame I felt like that the first day my ex was back at work from his holiday too. No chance of me doing a Beyonce-style glowing strut through the office. More of a hunched over shuffle. At least I managed to curtail the conversation politely when he came over to tell me all about his holiday instead of shouting "PISS OFF I HAVE A HEADACHE!!".

So I hope to see a return to the 12st 5 sometime this week but there's no getting away from the fact I've pressed pause for a week.

I have avoided social plans for the next two weekends so no temptation. Although being home alone can make me want to eat and drink to fill the empty void. I really can't win either way but will keep on trying.


starfish264 said...

Oh god - I do this ALL the time. It's like I've been good, and can therefore be bad. Except I don't think it actually works that way. A wicked web we weave, huh?

Hetty said...

You're so right Sue, we can be our own worst enemy. And other than my own efforts at being a sabateur I have to deal with the size 10 lady who sits next to me at work offering me fudge/chocolate/cake EVERY DAY and then moaning about how fat she is.
....count to 10.....breathe. :)

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