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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Taking the plunge

Today I went swimming for the first time in years. I realise how tragic that sounds but I got into a mental block about having to wear so little clothing in public. And the longer I left it the worse it got. You see, I'm the kind of person who gets changed into gym gear in the toilet and walks to and from showers with 15 towels wrapped around me. I think it stems from P.E. at school. I loved sports but the teachers seemed to be control freaks and insisted on weird rules like not allowing me to wear Lycra shorts under my games skirt or a t-shirt under the running vest. I don't think I ever got past that 'embarrassed about my body' stage.

So the thought of having to walk out of the changing room into the pool in front of strangers made me shudder. But i did it today and that's a massive challenge ticked off my list. Don't worry I'm not now going to off the rails and start running down the high street with my knockers out!

I would really like to have a swim lesson though so I can learn proper freestyle stroke. My technique involves expending a huge amount of energy for very little forward motion. It must be SO satisfying to glide through the water.

The other plunge I took was to book onto a two week residential bootcamp holiday starting at the end of August. I'm properly nervous about it but also looking forward to having my ass kicked. I might also be able to hit my original target weight of 160lbs and then start setting fitness goals instead of obsessing about the scales. It sounds like there will be more challenges to overcome during the camp too, like abseiling, surfing etc. Oh and not drinking anything but water for 2 weeks? That's gotta be worth at least 5lb weight loss without the diet or exercise!


Hazel said...

Good for you, Hetty, well done for breaking a taboo!

I'm one of those who can strip off at the drop of a hat in the open changing rooms - after all, no-one's looking at me, they're all too worried about the 15 towels they have swaddled about them ;-), and they wouldn't be at you, either.

So much so, that there's often a heartbeat of anxiety as I turn into the pool area that I actually am dressed in a cossie...!

Hetty said...

Haha wow go Hazel! :)

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

well done! I hate public swimming pools too. I spend the whole time sucking my gut in....

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