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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Best personal trainer EVER!

Meet Archie, my new trainer!

With his harness on and my cani-cross running leash we managed 15 miles of running this weekend. I will be moving like prehistoric woman tomorrow but it was worth it. There was one moment today in an empty part of the park when I let rip and sprinted as hard as I could. Archie was running with me and for one amazing moment I forgot about what I looked like and felt completely free. And strong!! I like that feeling and want more of it!

4lbs off this week. I want more of that too purty please. Now the temperatures have eased there is no excuse so get out there and kick ass!


Hazel said...

Whoop whoop! Excellent workout there, Hetty!

It's still outrageously muggy here in the Midlands, but I slogged around the 3 mile circuit today nonetheless - killer!

Hetty said...

Hi Hazel. Well done, you must have nearly melted in that heat! :) Hetty.

starfish264 said...

YAY!! You're still here!!! I culled my blog roll last year, and it must have been just before you started writing again in the Autumn - I've had to do extensive catching up!! Wow, you've done well - I've gone backwards in the same period, but am still doggedly fighting the good fight - living with girls who love wine is not easy, but I'm still determined to lose that stone again!!

You on the other hand have gone all guns blazing! I wanted read your ski blog but it looks like it's offline - what were you doing for 7 weeks???

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