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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Best personal trainer EVER!

Meet Archie, my new trainer!

With his harness on and my cani-cross running leash we managed 15 miles of running this weekend. I will be moving like prehistoric woman tomorrow but it was worth it. There was one moment today in an empty part of the park when I let rip and sprinted as hard as I could. Archie was running with me and for one amazing moment I forgot about what I looked like and felt completely free. And strong!! I like that feeling and want more of it!

4lbs off this week. I want more of that too purty please. Now the temperatures have eased there is no excuse so get out there and kick ass!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Gosh what a long time it's been again!  And what a lot has happened!

When I last posted I was just about to get the news about my job.  I felt totally sick with nerves sitting in the big conference centre waiting to hear my fate.  The bad news is my job is indeed 'eliminated' (makes it sound like I get taken out by a sniper?!) but the good news is not until 2015/2016 so I have plenty of time to figure out what the hell to do next!

It never occurred to me that I would have that long left.  It's great that I get to spend more time living near my family and with relative security of a well paid job.  But a little part of me was a bit disappointed that I couldn't go and do something more exciting sooner.  I had already found the perfect 18 week ski course to do for example.  Really can't afford not to wait for the redundancy though as I have no savings to fall back on if I took the gamble to leave now.

Possible options for the future are a bit hazy in my head so far but could involve contract work in Switzerland (living in France as it's cheaper), or combining my sports science degree and project management experience to go into health club management?, me a minute...   Hmmm seems I will need this time to figure it out afterall!

To start with I'm booking on lots of the free training courses at work, plus a 34 week French course which should get my pants A-level french back up to scratch and help with the Switzerland option.

Diet and fitness wise I'm exactly the same weight as when I last posted, 12st 13lbs.  Proving only that I have to do 2 hours exercise a day in order to eat shed loads and maintain.  I've lost a few inches so must have swapped some muscle for fat, but I still want to get this final stone and a half off. I'm walking 10miles a day in total and have cut back the calories quite a lot to see if that gets things moving again.  I've also given up wine for a bit (NOOOOOOO!) as it really is the source of all willpower loss for me.  Gin & waitrose sugar-free tonic all the way, sometimes with frozen raspberries in it instead of ice cubes.  Yum!
This week is the first time I've EVER worn anything sleeveless at work, so there's something ticked off my list. :)

Some pics from the last couple of months:
My new fave beach Hells Mouth:

Out for a run with Humphrey, no honest we did do some running!

Hopefully I will start to see the scales moving in the next few days. Fingers crossed!!!