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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Change is a comin'....

...Lots of it! Next week I find out if my job is being eliminated and if I can apply for other positions. The company is reorganising on a massive scale. There are so many possible outcomes it's really difficult to guess what my fate will be. At best I'll stay with the same company in a new job and have to relocate miles away in a couple of years. At worst I'll be made redundant by the end of this year. So change is coming whether I'm ready or not!

I'm scared and excited all at the same time. I know things need to change for me to grow in confidence and ability. But now I could do anything and go anywhere I don't know where to start?! This isn't so much one of life's crossroads but more like a roundabout with 1000s of exits. I'm aimlessly doing donuts around and around whilst my colleagues know exactly where they want to go (and have a car full of family to go on the journey with).

The good thing is I'll have a decent pay out so will have a bit of time to figure it out. I don't believe in this idea that there is one true calling in life. That the magazines would have you believe you need to find otherwise you've failed as a human being. Just like I don't believe there is just one true love of your life. It's statistically impossible.

I think you just have to pick something (or someone!) that seems like a good fit and give it a good go. If it doesn't turn out to be quite right then move on and take what you've learnt into your next attempt.

Guess I'm not a romantic then?!

As you can imagine the atmosphere at work is awful. Its really easy to get dragged down by all the moaning, conspiracy theories and disastracising. But yesterday I decided I'm going to remain positive and keep smiling no matter what. Even if I don't feel like it I'll fake it.

My workload has dropped so I'm getting out for a walk at lunchtime as well as running to and from work.
The temptation to eat and drink myself through this upheaval is strong, but I know exercise and continuing to lose weight will give me the confidence and energy I really need.

This weekend I'm cleaning the house, clearing stuff out. Getting things in order so there are no distractions. The lounge has been turned into a mini gym. Meals and food shopping are planned out.

And on Sunday a house guest arrives until Monday night. Looking forward to lots of cuddles with Archie!

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