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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Back to the grindstone

The ski trip was AMAZEBALLS! I could go on about it forever but that's not what this blog is about. A few pics sum up the fun.

When I got back from my ski trip I was 13st 2lbs. Despite eating whatever I wanted and drinking almost every day for 7 weeks I lost a few pounds but I expected to lose a lot more. Think I had unrealistic expectations that I would magically become a happy, confident, slim person just by going away. Not so.

I am more confident having met all those new people, shared a house, pushed myself to do scary things and achieved most of my skiing goals. But everything is not (yet) fixed.

The hardest bit after I got home was that I was absolutely ravenous all the time. Doing all that exercise and putting on muscle must have increased my appetite. I also found it worryingly hard to stop drinking alcohol every night. Habits are so easy to form and so hard to break! It's taken me until now to get my head back in the game and remember how to do this.

At weigh-in this morning I was 13st 5lbs. I want to get those 5lbs off as quick as possible and then keep on moving in the right direction - until I can finally enjoy a summer of sleeveless tops!

Two weeks after I got back we had an announcement at work saying our site was closing. The options are redundancy or possible relocation, but we won't know our personal situation until later this year.
It was such a shock, I really didn't think they would take such drastic action. I've been with the company for 15 years and am a bit scared at the thought of having to go through interviews and sell myself.

But of course, like everything in life, it would be a lot easier to be confident if I could turn up at an interview knowing I don't look overweight. As if I needed any more motivation?!

Exercise-wise I've been doing the 8 mile walk to and from work each day. This week I've added a couple of 3 mile runs with Humphrey the dog. I now need to add in strength training, and longer bike rides at the weekend.

Food-wise I'm aiming for around 1200 cals a day using MyFitnesspal to track with one day off a week. That's worked before so hopefully it will again.

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