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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Poo Years Eve my plan for NYE was a family dinner and then heading to a wine bar for a night of music and dancing and hopefully finding a man with vagueley symmetrical features to snog at midnight.

What actually happened was I pulled a muscle in my back lifting a dining table on the Sunday and spent new years eve pretty much lying on the floor in agony.
Up to that point the ONLY thing that been preventing the Squid of Despair from entangling me in its tentacles was looking forward to my ski adventure. So the thought that I might not be able to go just finished me off.

If it wasn't for Hugh Jackman appearing on Graham Norton and significant quantities of Pinot grigio I might have lost the plot completely.

I have never ever had a back problem so why it had to happen then I've no idea?! Needless to say I now have an irrational fear of dining tables.

Five days on and I can finally stand upright like a fully-evolved human being. I can walk and do a squat with just a dull ache rather than the previous breath-taking stabbing pain that risked me letting a bit of wee out.

I am Soooo relieved and will NEVER complain about having to exercise again.

The only plus side is I lost my appetite so have not been eating much and when I do it's been healthy. But that won't undo the damage caused by days of over-eating and then enforced inactivity.

I will have to weigh in tomorrow. Pleaaaase don't let it be too bad!!!
I have 9 more days before I arrive at the resort and a further 5 days on the slopes before my first course lesson. Will two weeks be long enough to get rid of whatever I've put on and to get my legs and back ready for the onslaught?

Anyway enough whining ... it's time to get excited whatever I weigh. Check out the house I'm staying in. A verandah and mountains and everything!!

Is it wrong that I'm wondering of there are scales in the bathroom?

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