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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Hmmmm not quite so good

The last 2 weeks before xmas were just mental at work. I just about met my work deadline on the 14th at the expense of sleep, eating and huge amounts of stress.
Then headed up to the lake district to the house my family had rented to celebrate Xmas early as my sister would be away for real Xmas.

I arrived looking like some kind of zombie - a totally broken woman. Over the next 4 days I was rebuilt with plenty of lovely food and booze. Willpower went out the window but I did at least exercise every day and get plenty of fresh air. I was supposed to be back in work on the Monday but rang my manager and said I couldn't bear leaving everyone. Especially little George

Felt v miserable at the office for the remaining 3 days before the office shut for Christmas. Everyone else I sit with seemed to have no work to do and were all talking about their exciting Xmas and new year plans. I on the other hand had heaps of work to finish and was dreading going home to experience my first Xmas as a singleton.

It felt very odd saying goodbye to my ex on the last day and wishing him a happy Christmas. Thankfully I managed to fight the overwhelming urge to throw myself at his feet, hang onto his legs and beg him to come home with me.

In the end it wasn't too bad. My Mum & Dad did a fab job of cheering me up and we had the two bouncy springer spaniels for cuddling.

I can confidently say that New Years Eve was the worst I've ever had though....

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