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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, 6 September 2013

Week 1 Bootcamp results

Just a quickie to say 8lbs and 10 inches gone. Whooooooo! In the 11s too. :)

Sunday, 1 September 2013


So far on Bootcamp we've done:

Fitness test
5km shuttle run on the beach
Archery interspersed with sprints and squats (random?!)
HIIT circuit training session
2hr hilly mountain bike ride
Abs blast
Running drills and intervals on the beach
Nutrition talk
HIIT Circuit training
Boxing's lunchtime on DAY 2 of 14. I'm a bit shell-shocked but very happy!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Taking the plunge

Today I went swimming for the first time in years. I realise how tragic that sounds but I got into a mental block about having to wear so little clothing in public. And the longer I left it the worse it got. You see, I'm the kind of person who gets changed into gym gear in the toilet and walks to and from showers with 15 towels wrapped around me. I think it stems from P.E. at school. I loved sports but the teachers seemed to be control freaks and insisted on weird rules like not allowing me to wear Lycra shorts under my games skirt or a t-shirt under the running vest. I don't think I ever got past that 'embarrassed about my body' stage.

So the thought of having to walk out of the changing room into the pool in front of strangers made me shudder. But i did it today and that's a massive challenge ticked off my list. Don't worry I'm not now going to off the rails and start running down the high street with my knockers out!

I would really like to have a swim lesson though so I can learn proper freestyle stroke. My technique involves expending a huge amount of energy for very little forward motion. It must be SO satisfying to glide through the water.

The other plunge I took was to book onto a two week residential bootcamp holiday starting at the end of August. I'm properly nervous about it but also looking forward to having my ass kicked. I might also be able to hit my original target weight of 160lbs and then start setting fitness goals instead of obsessing about the scales. It sounds like there will be more challenges to overcome during the camp too, like abseiling, surfing etc. Oh and not drinking anything but water for 2 weeks? That's gotta be worth at least 5lb weight loss without the diet or exercise!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Wine = willpower fail

So there I am congratulating myself on losing again last week but I got a shock when I stepped on the scales this morning. 3lbs on since Friday. One hell of a weekend?! I know I always get a spike from the salty food and booze but that really tells how MUCH I let things slip.

Friday night I drank prosecco but ate healthily despite a really strong urge to go to the petrol station and buy crap.

Saturday morning I ummed and ahhhed about going for a run but fannied about for so long there wasn't time before going out to meet a friend for the afternoon drinking session. I stuck to prosecco but then we had a bowl of chips with dips. Then I had a glass of wine whilst waiting for the train. Mind you I did then go to a family BBQ and didn't drink anymore or eat carbs.

Sunday it all went horribly wrong. I started well by walking 9 miles to my friends house. We had prosecco and a platter of meats and cheeses.....and then she brought out a massive Italian flatbread with rosemary and garlic. It was like a freakin' single duvet size and I wanted to dive in and cuddle it!! I ate lots. Then I called in at co-op on my way home and got Pringles. Epic salty carb binge with extra wine.

I felt horrible on Monday. Bloated, a bit hungover and depressed. Really not worth the temporary enjoyment. I got straight back on the healthy eating and walked 14 miles, but I was beating myself up something rotten. Shame I felt like that the first day my ex was back at work from his holiday too. No chance of me doing a Beyonce-style glowing strut through the office. More of a hunched over shuffle. At least I managed to curtail the conversation politely when he came over to tell me all about his holiday instead of shouting "PISS OFF I HAVE A HEADACHE!!".

So I hope to see a return to the 12st 5 sometime this week but there's no getting away from the fact I've pressed pause for a week.

I have avoided social plans for the next two weekends so no temptation. Although being home alone can make me want to eat and drink to fill the empty void. I really can't win either way but will keep on trying.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Fresh Fat

I'm typing this whilst having a drink at a pub on my own. I know?! How very DARE I? My train was cancelled part way back from an afternoon of cocktails with a friend so it seemed the thing to do rather than spending 40 sober minutes at the station.

I've carried on losing since my last post so now down to 12st 5! That is fresh fat since erm at least 10 years ago. I was 12st 10 when I got married and last time I remember being 11stone something was at university a depressing 18 years ago.

For the first time I can remember there is nothing in my wardrobe that is too small?! All my "shrink into" clothes now fit but some look shit so size really isn't everything and I hereby swear never to buy anything to shrink into again as it is a total waste of money.

I've been sticking with low carb eating, all fresh food cooked from scratch and having one or two protein shakes a day as meal replacements. It's so much easier than preparing food and I swear the green tea, cartinine content gives me an energy boost for walking to work.

I am completely obsessed with avocado, spinach and tomato so my dinners are looking a bit samey but tasty and filling so who cares!!:

I've had a blissful week at work whilst Matt has been on holiday. It makes me realise what life would be like without the opression of seeing my ex every day. I like it. A lot!
....but not enough to lose out on 1.75x my salary so I will have to stick it out until redundancy and in the meantime continue hoping he gets another job.

I know losing weight shouldn't be necessary to feel more confident and in control. But for me it makes a massive difference. It really is the answer to some of my problems. And now I really want to get to my original goal, in 13lbs time, and then see where I'm at. And carry on until my legs look like this

and my arms look like this

I think it's safe to say ill be on that journey for at least 10 years!! :)

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Best personal trainer EVER!

Meet Archie, my new trainer!

With his harness on and my cani-cross running leash we managed 15 miles of running this weekend. I will be moving like prehistoric woman tomorrow but it was worth it. There was one moment today in an empty part of the park when I let rip and sprinted as hard as I could. Archie was running with me and for one amazing moment I forgot about what I looked like and felt completely free. And strong!! I like that feeling and want more of it!

4lbs off this week. I want more of that too purty please. Now the temperatures have eased there is no excuse so get out there and kick ass!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Gosh what a long time it's been again!  And what a lot has happened!

When I last posted I was just about to get the news about my job.  I felt totally sick with nerves sitting in the big conference centre waiting to hear my fate.  The bad news is my job is indeed 'eliminated' (makes it sound like I get taken out by a sniper?!) but the good news is not until 2015/2016 so I have plenty of time to figure out what the hell to do next!

It never occurred to me that I would have that long left.  It's great that I get to spend more time living near my family and with relative security of a well paid job.  But a little part of me was a bit disappointed that I couldn't go and do something more exciting sooner.  I had already found the perfect 18 week ski course to do for example.  Really can't afford not to wait for the redundancy though as I have no savings to fall back on if I took the gamble to leave now.

Possible options for the future are a bit hazy in my head so far but could involve contract work in Switzerland (living in France as it's cheaper), or combining my sports science degree and project management experience to go into health club management?, me a minute...   Hmmm seems I will need this time to figure it out afterall!

To start with I'm booking on lots of the free training courses at work, plus a 34 week French course which should get my pants A-level french back up to scratch and help with the Switzerland option.

Diet and fitness wise I'm exactly the same weight as when I last posted, 12st 13lbs.  Proving only that I have to do 2 hours exercise a day in order to eat shed loads and maintain.  I've lost a few inches so must have swapped some muscle for fat, but I still want to get this final stone and a half off. I'm walking 10miles a day in total and have cut back the calories quite a lot to see if that gets things moving again.  I've also given up wine for a bit (NOOOOOOO!) as it really is the source of all willpower loss for me.  Gin & waitrose sugar-free tonic all the way, sometimes with frozen raspberries in it instead of ice cubes.  Yum!
This week is the first time I've EVER worn anything sleeveless at work, so there's something ticked off my list. :)

Some pics from the last couple of months:
My new fave beach Hells Mouth:

Out for a run with Humphrey, no honest we did do some running!

Hopefully I will start to see the scales moving in the next few days. Fingers crossed!!!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Change is a comin'....

...Lots of it! Next week I find out if my job is being eliminated and if I can apply for other positions. The company is reorganising on a massive scale. There are so many possible outcomes it's really difficult to guess what my fate will be. At best I'll stay with the same company in a new job and have to relocate miles away in a couple of years. At worst I'll be made redundant by the end of this year. So change is coming whether I'm ready or not!

I'm scared and excited all at the same time. I know things need to change for me to grow in confidence and ability. But now I could do anything and go anywhere I don't know where to start?! This isn't so much one of life's crossroads but more like a roundabout with 1000s of exits. I'm aimlessly doing donuts around and around whilst my colleagues know exactly where they want to go (and have a car full of family to go on the journey with).

The good thing is I'll have a decent pay out so will have a bit of time to figure it out. I don't believe in this idea that there is one true calling in life. That the magazines would have you believe you need to find otherwise you've failed as a human being. Just like I don't believe there is just one true love of your life. It's statistically impossible.

I think you just have to pick something (or someone!) that seems like a good fit and give it a good go. If it doesn't turn out to be quite right then move on and take what you've learnt into your next attempt.

Guess I'm not a romantic then?!

As you can imagine the atmosphere at work is awful. Its really easy to get dragged down by all the moaning, conspiracy theories and disastracising. But yesterday I decided I'm going to remain positive and keep smiling no matter what. Even if I don't feel like it I'll fake it.

My workload has dropped so I'm getting out for a walk at lunchtime as well as running to and from work.
The temptation to eat and drink myself through this upheaval is strong, but I know exercise and continuing to lose weight will give me the confidence and energy I really need.

This weekend I'm cleaning the house, clearing stuff out. Getting things in order so there are no distractions. The lounge has been turned into a mini gym. Meals and food shopping are planned out.

And on Sunday a house guest arrives until Monday night. Looking forward to lots of cuddles with Archie!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Helloooo 12s!

Well having been stuck in the 13s for nearly two years I'm finally back in the 12s. Whoop whoop!

I've been eating around 1200 cals 5 days out of 7 and doing a minimum of an hour of exercise every day.

Upcoming weight targets are:

- 12st 10 (my wedding weight and three stone lost)

- Wear my size 14 jeans in public. They do up now but the muffin top can be seen from space!

- Into the 11s by 21st June when I'm going away for a weekend that involves wearing schoolgirl fancy dress.

- 11st 7 is what I weighed at university when I was a size 12/14

Non-weight targets:

- Run the 5K journey home from work in under 28mins. Currently at 29:45.

- 25 full press-ups in a row

- Wear a sleeveless top in public this summer

The bank holiday camping weekend was fab! I met loads of nice people and tried some new experiences like horse riding.

I didn't lie about my weight when filling in the form at the pony trekking centre as thought it would be cruel to end up on anything less than a Shire Horse.
I've booked a few more trips away with the same group. It's good to have a full diary and exciting things to talk about.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The hills are alive, with the sound of groaning

Well I survived the first road bike ride of 2013. But not without significant back pain and wishing the Sheffield - Bamford round trip wasn't so hilly. Ads and Sarah Lee were really lovely, making sure I was okay and encouraging me. Made it fun despite the pain.

Here we are at what I thought was the top of a hill but turned out to be a false summit. There wasn't even an ice cream van at the real summit!

Last night I tried Ultimate Frisbee for the first time with a club at work. Oh my god it's hard. Basically sprinting about for an hour but with the added complication of having to think quickly to follow the play. I failed miserably at this multi-tasking. There aren't many things you voluntarily do at 38yrs old that involve looking stupid. I found it quite uncomfortable.

Can't say I'm looking forward to going again next week but I've signed up for a tournament at the end of July (it involves 300 men and a hogroast hence i said "yes") so have 3 months to get the hang of it.

I was really apprehensive about weighing in this morning. Eating had been good mon-thurs but as usual things slipped on Friday and Saturday. But it worked and I lost 3lbs taking me down to 13st 2. So I'm really kicking ass this week to get as close to possible to the 12s.

Long bank holiday weekends are not ideal for weight loss. I'm off to Wales camping for an activity weekend with a social group I just joined. No idea what the people will be like, but there are 40 of them so must be somebody nice?!
I'll have to do heaps if exercise from the choice of activities during the day so I can relax and enjoy the parties in the evening. And hopefully I won't die of hyperthermia overnight!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Woman vs Food

Some more ski trip pictures demonstrating just how much commitment I put into eating and drinking. Both of which are extreme sports in Canada:

....lovely, lovely pizza

....apr├Ęs ski drinks by the fire

....that carried on all night

The appropriately named local supermarket where I bought a lot of potato chips....

There was even a cheese deli selling my favourite English Stilton!

This morning I'm getting ready to do my first proper bike ride of the year. I'm apprehensive as have no idea how hard it will be or how bad my fitness is. But I'm also excited as every time I go for a ride with my mate Adele she motivates me to do more and I fall in love with cycling all over again.

Fingers crossed I come back feeling great and not half-dead!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Back to the grindstone

The ski trip was AMAZEBALLS! I could go on about it forever but that's not what this blog is about. A few pics sum up the fun.

When I got back from my ski trip I was 13st 2lbs. Despite eating whatever I wanted and drinking almost every day for 7 weeks I lost a few pounds but I expected to lose a lot more. Think I had unrealistic expectations that I would magically become a happy, confident, slim person just by going away. Not so.

I am more confident having met all those new people, shared a house, pushed myself to do scary things and achieved most of my skiing goals. But everything is not (yet) fixed.

The hardest bit after I got home was that I was absolutely ravenous all the time. Doing all that exercise and putting on muscle must have increased my appetite. I also found it worryingly hard to stop drinking alcohol every night. Habits are so easy to form and so hard to break! It's taken me until now to get my head back in the game and remember how to do this.

At weigh-in this morning I was 13st 5lbs. I want to get those 5lbs off as quick as possible and then keep on moving in the right direction - until I can finally enjoy a summer of sleeveless tops!

Two weeks after I got back we had an announcement at work saying our site was closing. The options are redundancy or possible relocation, but we won't know our personal situation until later this year.
It was such a shock, I really didn't think they would take such drastic action. I've been with the company for 15 years and am a bit scared at the thought of having to go through interviews and sell myself.

But of course, like everything in life, it would be a lot easier to be confident if I could turn up at an interview knowing I don't look overweight. As if I needed any more motivation?!

Exercise-wise I've been doing the 8 mile walk to and from work each day. This week I've added a couple of 3 mile runs with Humphrey the dog. I now need to add in strength training, and longer bike rides at the weekend.

Food-wise I'm aiming for around 1200 cals a day using MyFitnesspal to track with one day off a week. That's worked before so hopefully it will again.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Scale that mountain

Oops I accidentally posted the Day One update on here. Still trying to get to grips with bloggy things. I'm going to put any weight loss related stuff on here so i can keep a record of how I got on whilst away. I know this is a holiday, so some might say I should not be thinking about weight loss. But it's also an opportunity to get fit as I'll be exercising every day for over six weeks. I also have more time to look after myself here so why not carry on with my efforts to get where I want to be.
Obviously there is gorgeous food and booze everywhere. Talking to some people who have already been here for few weeks it is quite possible to put ON weight. Despite all the exercise and the amount of calories burnt just existing in minus 20 deg temperatures.
I have evening meals provided at the hotel mon-thurs. These don't start until Wednesday so I've not yet had a chance to check out how healthy the grub is but my plan is just to have the main course. The rest of the time i'll be cooking for myself in the house and for cost reasons will be limiting this to basics like soup, stir-frys and pasta.
The tricky thing will be eating enough to fuel the demanding skiing so I can get the most out of the course instruction but also losing weight.
I have some weighing scales in the house so can keep an eye on things. First weigh in today to see how much damage the 24hr journey of snack food did!
My non-stretchy smaller ski trousers will be my tape measure substitute. I'll know I'm doing well if I am happy to wear those out in public. Definitely not there yet and feeling very aware that the other girls here are gorgeously slim.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Yeti Hetty

For the next 7 weeks I'll be blogging over here:
Yeti Hetty

Warning it will contain a lot of ski/snow/mountain content so will be extremely dull for those not into winter sports. I didn't want to share this blog with my work colleagues for obvious weight embarrassment reasons!!

I'm hoping this will be the ultimate bootcamp providing I don't spend every night eating canadian sized portions of meat and cheesy things!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Post-festive Weigh-in

13st 7.6. So if I'm realllly good between now and Friday I can shift that 2.6lb gain and get back to lightest weight from 2012 (13st 5). Then if im reaaally good the following week skiing every day I might actually be able to wear my thin ski pants. OMG OMG.
Feel so much better after a few days of healthy eating and drinking lots of water. I've broken out in spots on my chin.... probably all the toxins trying to escape. Hope it clears up this week.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Poo Years Eve my plan for NYE was a family dinner and then heading to a wine bar for a night of music and dancing and hopefully finding a man with vagueley symmetrical features to snog at midnight.

What actually happened was I pulled a muscle in my back lifting a dining table on the Sunday and spent new years eve pretty much lying on the floor in agony.
Up to that point the ONLY thing that been preventing the Squid of Despair from entangling me in its tentacles was looking forward to my ski adventure. So the thought that I might not be able to go just finished me off.

If it wasn't for Hugh Jackman appearing on Graham Norton and significant quantities of Pinot grigio I might have lost the plot completely.

I have never ever had a back problem so why it had to happen then I've no idea?! Needless to say I now have an irrational fear of dining tables.

Five days on and I can finally stand upright like a fully-evolved human being. I can walk and do a squat with just a dull ache rather than the previous breath-taking stabbing pain that risked me letting a bit of wee out.

I am Soooo relieved and will NEVER complain about having to exercise again.

The only plus side is I lost my appetite so have not been eating much and when I do it's been healthy. But that won't undo the damage caused by days of over-eating and then enforced inactivity.

I will have to weigh in tomorrow. Pleaaaase don't let it be too bad!!!
I have 9 more days before I arrive at the resort and a further 5 days on the slopes before my first course lesson. Will two weeks be long enough to get rid of whatever I've put on and to get my legs and back ready for the onslaught?

Anyway enough whining ... it's time to get excited whatever I weigh. Check out the house I'm staying in. A verandah and mountains and everything!!

Is it wrong that I'm wondering of there are scales in the bathroom?

Hmmmm not quite so good

The last 2 weeks before xmas were just mental at work. I just about met my work deadline on the 14th at the expense of sleep, eating and huge amounts of stress.
Then headed up to the lake district to the house my family had rented to celebrate Xmas early as my sister would be away for real Xmas.

I arrived looking like some kind of zombie - a totally broken woman. Over the next 4 days I was rebuilt with plenty of lovely food and booze. Willpower went out the window but I did at least exercise every day and get plenty of fresh air. I was supposed to be back in work on the Monday but rang my manager and said I couldn't bear leaving everyone. Especially little George

Felt v miserable at the office for the remaining 3 days before the office shut for Christmas. Everyone else I sit with seemed to have no work to do and were all talking about their exciting Xmas and new year plans. I on the other hand had heaps of work to finish and was dreading going home to experience my first Xmas as a singleton.

It felt very odd saying goodbye to my ex on the last day and wishing him a happy Christmas. Thankfully I managed to fight the overwhelming urge to throw myself at his feet, hang onto his legs and beg him to come home with me.

In the end it wasn't too bad. My Mum & Dad did a fab job of cheering me up and we had the two bouncy springer spaniels for cuddling.

I can confidently say that New Years Eve was the worst I've ever had though....