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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Thursday, 13 December 2012

So far so good

Finally plucked up the courage to get on the scales and was relieved to find myself back at 13st 5. So the ridiculous binge and booze fest that was last week is erased from the history books. Back at my lightest weight from last year and excited to see a new number and then get the hell out of the 13s for good. Quite a few authors of the great blogs I read are hoping to see that magical 12 number soon too. Come on! We can still get there before the end of the year!!

Not had a single cheat on food so far this week, nor a drop of alcohol. Must admit I've been sleeping better and not been as grumpy.

Went for a run at lunchtime with a friend on Tuesday for the first time in ages and I felt alright. It might have been the fact I had shorts on in minus 2deg weather but my legs didn't hurt at all. Gave me some comfort that the gym and classes have been helping fitness but I still need to push it big time in the next month.

Work deadline looms tomorrow but I'm determined to get out running today.

Then I'm off to the lakes for a long weekend with my family for an early Christmas celebration. Massive challenge from a weight loss perspective as there will be a house full of food and booze. I need a plan firmly set in my mind before I even set foot in the building.

Anyway I promised a picture of the ski outfit I'm trying to shrink into. The good news is they both do up and I almost have a full range of movement now. HOWEVER i still look like im about to explode out of them at any moment and fly around the room like a deflating balloon. Every single day of the next 30 will be crucial!!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Brace yourselves...'s gonna be boring, but it's time to get blogging more often in the 5 weeks until I go away. Looking back at the last two years I've lost weight quickest the more often I've blogged in a month. Or rather, I've wanted to blog more often when I'm getting results. Whichever way around, it is a good idea to 'talk to myself' on here. Whilst I'm aware that people who are living alone for the first time in decades probably should avoid opportunities to talk to themselves even more....Seeing in black and white what you've done right or wrong makes it harder to make excuses.

Speaking of excuses - last week I used work as an excuse. It is a nightmare at the moment with financial deadline looming and a ridiculous amount of work to get done before I go away. I also have to write a handover document for the person covering for me. Did I mention that person is my ex-boyfriend?.... Yeah, really.

But I could still have gone to the gym at the crack of dawn every day and didn't. I didn't have to drink 2 large glasses of wine EVERY night and then wake up at 3am worrying about work, worrying about being fat on holiday and wishing I had someone to cuddle me back to sleep. :(

I also didn't have to get completely hammered on my Xmas do on saturday night making Sunday a write-off. (although it was brilliant fun, heehee!) So yeah let's just forget about that entire week can we? I had been doing so well up until then. Was back to my lightest weight from last year and just about to see a new number on the scales. Haven't had the courage to step on the scales yet.

Hey at least it made me not want to drink wine for a LONG time.

Spectacularly good eating done today, a session on the Bosu balance trainer and no booze. Just 32 more days like that to go. Come on Hetty we can DO IT!

Oh shit, now I'm really talking to myself.