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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Aching body and clingons

Exercise since last post:

Thursday: bootcamp
Friday: PT
Saturday: 1hr hike across Manchester carrying massive powder skis and boots
Sunday: rest
Monday: circuit training
Tuesday: boxing class

Exercise was pretty good. I should have done something on Sunday but after driving for 1.5 hours in 2deg temperatures with no roof or windscreen I just wanted to stay cuddled up under a blanket in the warm. I really wasn't in my right mind that day as when I got back home I realised with horror that I had left the front door ajar the whole time I was out!

Eating went well all week except for then ruining it by eating lots of blue cheese AND crisps on Saturday. Dammit! I really need to occupy my time more at the weekend as its when I'm home alone that I lose motivation to exercise and want to comfort eat. It's also when I feel most lonely and I can't tell you how much I miss having someone give me a big hug.

Thought I would be over this by now but clearly seeing your ex at work every day slows down the recovery process. We have developed some kind of dysfunctional friendship where he comes to my desk to chat to me most days. He brought me in some homecooked curry when i was ill and i checked up on him with texts when he was off sick. I KNOW its not a good idea and isn't helping me get over him (even though i broke it off). I don't think either of us want to get back together so maybe we're both just clinging on?

I'm tired of having to deal with the mixed-up emotions though. The 7 weeks away from work are my chance to finally make the psychological break. No texting, no emailing. Radio silence. Makes me feel sad thinking about it. I SO haven't moved on yet.

Enough of that nonsense though and on with another PT session tomorrow and bootcamp on Thursday, hopefully leading to a loss this week. Pleeeaaaase be kind scales, I need a boost.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

9 weeks to go weigh in

So there are just 9 weeks to go until my ski adventure and as usual I've left the hard work till the last minute. But thank goodness I've now pulled my finger out and stopped fanning around.
I kept the exercise going throughout summer, but at nowhere near the level of intensity required to prepare for skiing 45 consecutive days.
Now that the dark nights are back I can no longer run home from work so I rejoined the gym at work, signed up for a bunch of classes and have hired the lovely Patrick to whip me into shape.
Strictly speaking I should be saving money for the trip rather than spending it on PT sessions but at £15 a session it's gotta be worth it.
Obviously I have a spreadsheet attempting to predict how much I will weigh in 9 weeks. Obviously I haven't a clue how much I will ACTUALLY weigh by then. But the forecast puts me at the top end of 11 stone. That would be freakin' ah-may-zing.

I'd be able to wear my new ski gear and fit thermal layers underneath. At the moment trousers and jacket do up but any type of lunge movement would result in an explosion of zips and buttons.

I'd be lighter than I've been for 12 years. I'd be a size 14.

In other news I signed up to for about 10 days before I got totally freaked out by the number of weirdos on there and was even more scared at the thought of going on a date with the normal ones. Online dating is therefore parked until I get back in March. Hopefully I'll have more confidence by then.

'Before' photo of revoltingly tight ski outfit to follow...

Weight 13st 8

Exercise plan for this week:
Monday: rest
Tuesday: boxing class
Wednesday: PT
Thursday: bootcamp class
Friday: PT
Saturday: Mountain Biking
Sunday: running