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Monday, 1 October 2012

October already? Shiiiiiiii....

.....iiiit! Okay now I am officially panicky about getting this last 2 stone off in the 15weeks till my ski trip. Still very doable at 2lbs a week average but I have to stop fanning around and get on with it!

Had a lovely mini break in abersoch with my family including paddling in the sea and running on the beach. I've never really liked beaches but this time I really loved it.

I did, however, eat and drink a lot and managed to continue that for another 2 weeks after the mini break. Haven't weighed myself as if I don't see a higher figure I can kid myself that I'm still 13st 11. But I will weigh in next Monday and hope I'm not too far off track.

To make my fitness training as specific as poss I've started going to an indoor snow slope in the morning before work. I thought it might be a bit boring but it's good for working on skills and drills so I'll keep it up until I go away.

It also seems to be full of hot guys which is always a bonus. I really would like to go out wih someone who is as passionate as me about snow.

I have started getting a bit scared about what I'll be doing on the ski course. Watching Vertical Limit last night didn't help. It's the backcountry skiing avalanche risk that scares me the most. Having to pay a huge premium for the travel insurance because ski touring is in the same risk group as mountaineering and ice climbing also didn't help. But hey statistically I'm much more likely to die driving to the airport than out in the mountains so will try not to papp myself too much.

15 weeks and 2 stone. I can do this! Off now to put my ski boots on and do squats and leg raises in front of the telly.

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