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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Monday, 20 August 2012


In this next phase of weight loss/getting fit I'm trying to keep it more simple. In the past I've gone all out with wall charts, complicated apps, calorie trackers, detailed exercise plans etc etc. And then sat there with a glass of wine and lump of cheese thinking the planning would somehow magically do all the hard work for me. A bit like when I used to spend hours colouring in the most amazing revision timetable for exams and then not actually open any books for weeks.

So this time I have a table showing the number of weeks, key goals and where I should be at each Monday weigh-in. Simples!
So week 1, 2lbs down and on target but a looong way to go. Can I get back into the 13s by next week? Really going for it! Then the next goal is to get back to my lightest weight from last year: 13st 5. Then it's all new territory and ultimately I have to be as light as possible by the ski trip so my poor knees can cope with 7 weeks of powder skiing, hiking and most likely dancing in the evenings! Being a size 12 will have other benefits when being a single lady surrounded by outdoorsy chunky Canadians too.... I hope!!

I just have to get on with:
- Walking/jogging to and from work each day which is 11.5kms in total.
- Bodyweight and kettlebell exercises whilst watching telly in the evening.
- Eating home-cooked fresh food with fewer carbs and smaller portion sizes.
- Vastly reducing alcohol intake

As usual I wish I could fast forward further down that table.

I'm going out on Saturday on a girls night in the city, including a vietnamese restaurant with a private kareoke room?! and going to a club. I have NO going out clothes at all. I seriously am not exaggerating, my wardrobe just has sports/casual clothes and one black dress. So I've asked a stylish friend to take me shopping during the day and force me to try on something other than t-shirts.

I'm also going to have to find some shoes I can walk in. I'm thinking ballerina pumps are about all I could manage but they carry the risk of flying through the air like a martial arts weapon when I inevitably end up high-kicking at the club after a few drinkies. And drinks will be necessary to get me through the trauma of karaoke. I've only done it once before, stone cold sober and the song chosen for me was too low for me to sing so I just stood there making weird whale like noises and eventually sat back down. nightmare!!

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