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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Just 0.2lbs more

I've been at 14st 0.2lbs for the last 2 days.  Soooo close to the 13s!  Unfortunately I already had about 5 inches of hair cut off last week and plucked eyebrows/exfoliated so no way to cheat those few ounces off!  Maybe tomorrow I'll see the magic number?
Can't get too excited however as rather depressingly I already did this back in June last year

I read over some 2011 posts last night.  I don't keep a diary so it was pretty revealing to see what I was thinking and doing.  Some of the stuff I was saying about Matt shows how unhappy I was.  I wanted to shout at myself to say "DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT".  I tried to end it in July, then again in September and finally did it in March.  I knew it wasn't working but I was too scared to be on my own.  I really don't want to make that mistake again.

I've been texting with the hot guy from last weekend and yesterday he asked me the dreaded question "what do you want?".  (Talking about life/relationships and not specifically what I want from him.)  Funny when a near stranger asks you a pertinent question it really highlights how totally clueless you are! I had to reply saying I haven't figured it out yet and that it's easier to say things I don't want at the moment: like kids, marriage, sitting around watching TV and bickering about which colour to paint the lounge etc.
I really don't think I'm ready for dating! 

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