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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, 24 August 2012

Come on scales, MOVE!

The scales are refusing to budge this week despite eight hours of exercise and healthy eating. Must be the gin & tonics then! Just about to set off on another 12km round trip walk/jog to work so if there's no movement on the scales by Monday they'll be taking a short, sharp trip to HammerLand.


Hazel said...

Hi Hetty - I stumbled on your blog ages ago from Lesley's, and in an idle moment went back read up. I enjoyed your posts, and I'm glad you're blogging again. :-)

Good luck in your endeavours - you know the drill, note and control what goes in, and do stuff that makes you sweaty Hetty!

Hetty said...

Hi Hazel. That's good advice, I am so impatient once I actually start being good and want to immediately be three stone lighter!
Thanks for the encouragement.
Hetty :)

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