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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Breakups, house moves, and new starts

That sums up the last few months since I posted. 
Somehow with all the stress of Matt leaving and moving house and Mum having another cancer scare I only put 4lbs on.  No idea how as I've been eating and drinking loads using the stress as an excuse.  I've kept up with exercising so that must have saved me from a total blob-out.

After Matt left in March I faced the reality of living in a remote location and doing a long commute every day on my own.  Mother Nature didn't help by throwing snow in the mix and the wettest April on record in the mix.  A roofless, windscreenless car being my only form of transport at the time.  Fortunatley my own Mother came to the rescue and sold me her little Ka at a bargain price which essentially saved me from dissolving during April. 
However last month I finally admitted defeat and decided to move back 'home' to Cheshire and be closer to work, friends and family.  I felt SO lonely living on the farm in the middle of nowhere and in the house that reminded me of Matt all the time.

So now it's time for a new start, to get out of all the bad habits I've taken up again (drinking most nights, eating crap, wallowing in self-pity!).  I now live 5km from work so for the last fortnight since I moved in I've been running to and from work.  So my commute takes almost as long as before but now I'm spending that time improving my fitness instead of avoiding near-death experiences driving on one of the most dangerous roads in Britain!  I also moved desks so I no longer have to see my ex-boyfriend every day.  Always a good idea don't you think?  I can't avoid him completely as we work in the same department but this should mean bumping into each other once a month instead of every day.  Hopefully I can finally move on and get him out of my head as it has been really tough the last couple of months.

The best news is 5 months from now I fly off to Canada to do a 7 week ski trip.  It's my dream trip and a chance to get away from everything and everyone.  Also get a bit of space to think about what I want to do in life and maybe a career change.  So you can probably guess what my goal is during the next 5 months?....  Yeah, of course I want to lose weight and get fit.  GROUNDHOG DAY!  I'm still 20lbs down on when I originally started so not back at square one.  But at least 30lbs more to lose.

I have a lot of catching up to do on the blogs I loved reading before my meltdown.  I think some have disappeared since then so shows how long it has been.  I'm assuming I'm writing this to myself as not even sure if my blog appears online anymore and can't get Blogger to work on this computer properly.  If anyone is out there - hello!! :) x

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