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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Who ate all the mince pies? I ate all the mince pies...

But I'm already back at it with the healthy eating and exercise and I reckon I can be back to my lightest 2011 weight by the end of this month.
I started using the MyFitnessPal app to record my food diary and exercise and find it much easier to use than the livestrong app.  Plus it has the bonus of a better community and group challenges to join (I am "_hetty" if anyone else is on there).

Yesterday I went for a 3 hour hike to make the most of pretty much the only nice weather we had the entire holidays.  It was however still gale force winds and freezing cold so a good workout.

Today I've been for my first run of the year.  It was as unpleasant as expected and my bum was wobbling so much I could have sworn I was dragging a gigantic sack of sausage meat behind me.  It seemed to move entirely independently of the rest of my body.  I'm just glad it never actually hit the floor!

Have roped in a work friend to run with me sometimes as that worked well last year.  Every lunchtime is blocked out in my calendar so no one can book a meeting and ruin my plans.  Waterproofs are on order too so that eliminates another potential excuse.

So it's back to all of the things I know worked last year.  Absolutely no reason why they can't work again and the best bit of all is knowing you're already back on track.

My old personal trainer is setting up a new facility and group personal training near to home starting next month which I'm excited about.  Sounds like a great way to meet people aswell as being less expensive than 1:1 sessions.  Plus I have a few weeks to get back in shape as he would be appauled at how much strength I've lost since I last saw him in summer!

I've been looking into ski holidays for solo travellers (not an 18-30 singles type holiday!) but haven't quite plucked up the courage to book one yet.  I've asked all the people I know who ski but they have no spare space or aren't skiing this year for one reason or another.  I really want to do it but I've been lots of times on my own before and it's really not as much fun as going in a group.

If anyone is still reading this and wants to go skiing/boarding cheaply let me know!

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