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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Party time

It was Matt's 40th birthday last Sunday so the weekend was planned around his favourite things: eating and drinking. A trip to Baslow, chatsworth farm shop, bakewell and then the first BBQ of 2012:

His friends were supposed to be coming up to stay for the weekend but dropped out at the last minute. They have come up this weekend instead so we're now repeating the whole food extravaganza. I'm trying to limit the damage and generally feel annoyed that this is getting in the way of my exercising and healthy eating. Isn't that horribly selfish? I'm not letting on obviously and am trying to be a good hostess, but I'd really rather everyone bugger off and leave me be.

During my work stress meltdown in November/December I caved in and told Matt he didn't have to move out. I'm now regretting losing the opportunity to get a bit of independence back. I honestly haven't a clue what I'm doing and seem incapable of sorting it out. So in the meantime I'm focusing on getting fit. I ran four times last week and the same this week. I think it is getting a tiny bit easier and have added an extra loop to the route to make it 5k.
Here's one pic I took Lesley!

I'm finding work so much less stressful and, dare I say it, am almost having fun getting to know the people I'm sitting with since moving desks. The scales have finally started moving too, albeit very slowly. It's time to add in some strength training to get things shifting quicker.


Lesley said...

You're obviously running faster than me so no time to stop for pics!! But 4 in a week (twice) is excellent going!

All I can think to say on the rest is don't be too hard on yourself for not sorting everything out in one big hit. These things take time. Be kind to yourself and stick to your guns when you need to.

Chin up chuck.

Lesley xx

Hetty said...

Noooo I'm v slow and have to concentrate so hard on just keeping going that I forgot about the photos!
Thanks for the kind words. Maybe one day I'll figure out what I'm supposed to be doing with my life. X

BabyWilt said...

Wel done on the exercise and running - such a beautiful route.
Good to hear your work stress has eased up, must make the day so much easier to get through.

Hetty said...

Hi BW. Thanks, I will be trying out the race lacing you blogged about as sounds good. I really want colourful laces like yours too! X

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