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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Friends....they're like buses

I was feeling extra miserable about going back to work this year because my best mate took redundancy last month and i had to move desks to sit with new people. But a couple of ladies spotted me running this lunchtime and asked if they could join me next time. I was easy to spot as i was in shorts so my legs were dayglo pink from the cold and probably visible on google earth. A potential skiing holiday opportunity also came up so i'll keep my fingers crossed it works out. Now I just have to save up and get fit enough to blast down the slopes without worrying about bursting out of my ski pants.

Dammit, now I'm thinking about mulled wine and French cheese!

I spent some time looking for a cheap sensible car over Christmas but just can't bring myself to borrow more money so will stick with the offshore sailing jacket + roofless car option until spring. I cannot wait until we are going to and from work in daylight. Its so much easier to get out of bed and exercise then. When I was running today I spotted daffodil shoots and the farmers were preparing the work sheds for lambing season. Where's the fast forward button?!


Lesley said...

I'm sure I was getting a message that I couldn't access your blog - which is why I haven't commented for ages. Anyway, nice to be back and good to see that you're still determined on the healthy eating and exercise front. You sound more focussed than me right now!

So, there's a challenge for me - to catch up!

Happy 2012!

Lesley x

Hetty said...

Hi Lesley! I've been keeping up with your blog, I just went through a really crappy phase at work and couldn't bring myself to blog and wanted to hide away. It is so lovely to read about how happy you are and how much you are living life to the full. It's very inspiring! Go for it with your January challenge. You and I both know it works when we stick at it. Hetty x

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