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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Monday, 30 January 2012

5 week target - time to get serious

In 5 weeks time I will be going skiing with a bunch of random people I met on an Internet ski forum.

I do NOT want to be turning up at the airport feeling fat, unfit and self-conscious about how I look. I've lost 6lbs so far this year which is OK but I'd like to at least get back to my lightest weight and fittest state from last year and that's just about doable in 5 weeks.

It's time to get serious.

Look I'm in a serious anorak looking serious and everything.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Party time

It was Matt's 40th birthday last Sunday so the weekend was planned around his favourite things: eating and drinking. A trip to Baslow, chatsworth farm shop, bakewell and then the first BBQ of 2012:

His friends were supposed to be coming up to stay for the weekend but dropped out at the last minute. They have come up this weekend instead so we're now repeating the whole food extravaganza. I'm trying to limit the damage and generally feel annoyed that this is getting in the way of my exercising and healthy eating. Isn't that horribly selfish? I'm not letting on obviously and am trying to be a good hostess, but I'd really rather everyone bugger off and leave me be.

During my work stress meltdown in November/December I caved in and told Matt he didn't have to move out. I'm now regretting losing the opportunity to get a bit of independence back. I honestly haven't a clue what I'm doing and seem incapable of sorting it out. So in the meantime I'm focusing on getting fit. I ran four times last week and the same this week. I think it is getting a tiny bit easier and have added an extra loop to the route to make it 5k.
Here's one pic I took Lesley!

I'm finding work so much less stressful and, dare I say it, am almost having fun getting to know the people I'm sitting with since moving desks. The scales have finally started moving too, albeit very slowly. It's time to add in some strength training to get things shifting quicker.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

More of an art than a science....

I am once again reminded that no matter how carefully you've tracked food and how much you've exercised, sometimes the scales don't budge. I told the conniving silver b*stards to feck off this morning when they showed me the same figure as last week. They can try to fight me but I know they'll have to start moving eventually and I SHALL have my next goal. Ooh I've come over all gladiator!

Been running every lunchtime this week and another two ladies asked if they could come along. Amazing how approachable a tomato-faced, panting plumpo can be in January! It did fleetingly occur to me that if I had a body like Jessica Ennis people might not be so keen to suggest running with me.... but let's not focus on that shall we?

Next challenge is to get back on the bike as it's been a couple of months at least since my last ride. Really not looking forward to the second ride in particular. The one where your bottom screams "NOOOOOOOOO!!" the whole way around.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What a difference a week makes, 168 little hours....

What a difference a week makes. 7 days of healthy eating and exercise and I feel better. For the five thousandth time I ask myself why I don't do this all the time?

Exercise: Goal is 6 cardio sessions a week.
Monday: 3hour hike in gale force winds
Tuesday: 30min jog
Wednesday: 40min jog
Thursday: 30min jog
Friday: 30min jog
Saturday: rest day, except for lots of pushing my car when it wouldn't start
Sunday: 2hr hike, half of it uphill with this 2stone gorgeous load on my back

Food: Need to eat more lean protein, less fat and not let things slip at the weekend. But not a bad start. My rough goal is 1200 cals per day.

Yesterdays run was more interval training as Sally has only one pace, fast, but has to walk in-between sprints. In contrast today's running buddy, Millie, was the same pace as me but seemed very relaxed and not out of breath. She'll be good for longer runs I reckon. It's fascinating how you can't always predict someone's running personality. She is also a gorgeously slim and pretty oriental lady. People seeing us coming towards them must've been surprised to see Vanessa Mae and Hagrid out for a run together! ;)

I hope this ski holiday in March works out. We've narrowed it down to two possible weeks so just need to find out how many people we've got and see if it's affordable. I'm so sick of having not having a partner I can ski, bike, hike, holiday, even walk to the bloomin' pub with. I know my friends have tried to make me feel better by pointing out that there are downsides to sharing the exercise experience with your fella. (like when they rocket off ahead leaving you behind cursing them). But you try explaining to people that the reason you're having to pay a 60% single supplement for your holiday is because your fella "doesn't do holidays" and then tell me I'm better off.
.....I am still in a really good mood so far this year though, honest! :)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Friends....they're like buses

I was feeling extra miserable about going back to work this year because my best mate took redundancy last month and i had to move desks to sit with new people. But a couple of ladies spotted me running this lunchtime and asked if they could join me next time. I was easy to spot as i was in shorts so my legs were dayglo pink from the cold and probably visible on google earth. A potential skiing holiday opportunity also came up so i'll keep my fingers crossed it works out. Now I just have to save up and get fit enough to blast down the slopes without worrying about bursting out of my ski pants.

Dammit, now I'm thinking about mulled wine and French cheese!

I spent some time looking for a cheap sensible car over Christmas but just can't bring myself to borrow more money so will stick with the offshore sailing jacket + roofless car option until spring. I cannot wait until we are going to and from work in daylight. Its so much easier to get out of bed and exercise then. When I was running today I spotted daffodil shoots and the farmers were preparing the work sheds for lambing season. Where's the fast forward button?!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Who ate all the mince pies? I ate all the mince pies...

But I'm already back at it with the healthy eating and exercise and I reckon I can be back to my lightest 2011 weight by the end of this month.
I started using the MyFitnessPal app to record my food diary and exercise and find it much easier to use than the livestrong app.  Plus it has the bonus of a better community and group challenges to join (I am "_hetty" if anyone else is on there).

Yesterday I went for a 3 hour hike to make the most of pretty much the only nice weather we had the entire holidays.  It was however still gale force winds and freezing cold so a good workout.

Today I've been for my first run of the year.  It was as unpleasant as expected and my bum was wobbling so much I could have sworn I was dragging a gigantic sack of sausage meat behind me.  It seemed to move entirely independently of the rest of my body.  I'm just glad it never actually hit the floor!

Have roped in a work friend to run with me sometimes as that worked well last year.  Every lunchtime is blocked out in my calendar so no one can book a meeting and ruin my plans.  Waterproofs are on order too so that eliminates another potential excuse.

So it's back to all of the things I know worked last year.  Absolutely no reason why they can't work again and the best bit of all is knowing you're already back on track.

My old personal trainer is setting up a new facility and group personal training near to home starting next month which I'm excited about.  Sounds like a great way to meet people aswell as being less expensive than 1:1 sessions.  Plus I have a few weeks to get back in shape as he would be appauled at how much strength I've lost since I last saw him in summer!

I've been looking into ski holidays for solo travellers (not an 18-30 singles type holiday!) but haven't quite plucked up the courage to book one yet.  I've asked all the people I know who ski but they have no spare space or aren't skiing this year for one reason or another.  I really want to do it but I've been lots of times on my own before and it's really not as much fun as going in a group.

If anyone is still reading this and wants to go skiing/boarding cheaply let me know!