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Thursday, 15 December 2011

Oh my god it's been aaaaggggeeeeesss.....

...since my last post. Work has been really busy and I got myself into a bit of a state about it.
I intended to carry on blogging privately and then publish them when I had time to check that I didn't sound like a total mentalist. But I never got around to doing any blogging at all.
I've been writing this for nearly a year but I still find it really embarrassing that all my wobblys and faffing are here for the world to see. Although I'm not sure anyone will still be reading it by now and I guess the worst part is that I can see myself repeating the same old mistakes over and over.

Seems I'm totally pants at multi-tasking because I don't seem to be able to focus on more than one of the following at any time:
- sleeping well,
- losing weight,
- getting fit,
- not drinking too much,
- socialising,
- relationship troubles,
- work stress.

It's kind of embarrassing that I don't have a lot to deal with compared to lots of people. You could add things like 'looking after children, caring for someone poorly, illness, running a business, etc etc'. to that list and then it might actually start to look difficult. I have to make like a curtain and pull myself together!

I've kept up a couple of exercise sessions a week but nothing like what I was doing before. Eating has been horrendous (or wonderful depending how you look at it!).
I got weighed at the doctors today (on the same scales that last time the nurse admitted weigh 7lbs too heavy) so I refused to look at the result and she was kind enough not to tell me. For some reason I took my shoes off beforehand though?!! I reckon I'll have put that bloomin' 7lbs back on that I've now lost twice times. I guess I've still dropped 2st this year overall so all is not lost (or regained). If I could do the same next year I'd be where I want to be.

I'm enjoying catching up on the blogs I follow and always inspired by other people doing so well or also struggling like I am.

They say you should do something that scares you every day so I drove to my doctors appointment in the snow. Somehow I got my blood pressure back down to 120/80 with a lot of heavy breathing in the waiting room! :)

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