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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Weekly weigh-in 13 weeks to go

Except I forgot one crucial piece of equipment. Weighing scales! Forgot I'd be away from home and I'm not going to use those machines in Boots as they frown upon people taking all their clothes off (plus jewellery and hair bobble of course on the offchance they weigh a stone).

I'm not sure what I would be expecting to see on the scales if I did weigh-in today. I've done lots of cycling and definitely met my goal of getting back into regular exercise. But I've had way too much wine and some bad food too so maybe it would result in a stay the same?

My leg muscles are still sore despite having a day off the bike yesterday. I generally feel really tired today but feel like I should get back out on the bike. Not sure I'm getting this holiday balance right. Part of it is that I want to be on my own and going for a ride is a good excuse.

Yesterday we went into Oxford. I loved the bike culture and was amazed how brave commuters of all ages were in battling against the buses and vans.

I was very restrained with shopping and just bought a cheap bike computer so I don't have to manually plot rides to work out how far I've gone. I've used the mapmyride iPhone app a couple of times but it saps battery power and I'm dubious about the accuracy as the max speed was over 50mph on both rides?!

On the way back from Oxford we stopped for lunch and I made a healthy choice. It was yummy and Cajun chicken salad is going on my list of healthy teas when I get home.

I then ruined it all by having a Mcdonalds for dinner. What an idiot! I didn't even enjoy it...much.

So back on the bike today if I can drag myself out. It'll be my first road ride in the wet so i will be taking it steady (which is my only available speed anyway!).

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Anonymous said...

Oh - I'm so jealous - sounds like such a lovely holiday! x

Starfish264 (Sue)

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