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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Weekly weigh in - 10 weeks till year end

Down 3lbs to 13st 9lbs this week. I've finally got control of my eating. Just wish I'd done that sooner and not wasted months hovering up and down around the same weight. Another 4lbs off and then it's back into lightest results.

Ive gone back to the stuff I know works, nothing too extreme. Decent breakfast; salad & jacket potato for lunch; protein and veg for dinner with no starchy carbs. I'm cooking big batches of things like chilli at the weekend and working my through that during the week. There's always something easy and quick in the fridge when I get home from work. Plus my lovely mum made me portions of her delish tomatoey chicken casserole in a very wrong reversal of meals on wheels. Wine is out and diet mixers are in.

Last week I only managed two bike rides. Including a great sidi Sunday ride with my buddy Ads. Hmmmm pretty shoes.....

This week I'm upping that to 4 or 5 rides this week by taking my bike to work for short lunchtime rides and then longer rides at the weekend. Need to add some weights back in but this time I am trying to get each habit well established before adding the next.

I did write a section to do with Matt moving out but it was so depressing I don't want to read it so for now will focus on losing weight. At least I'm not eating my way through emotional turmoil as I have in the past.

Next doors new puppy did cheer me up falling asleep in my arms...


BabyWilt said...

I'm a sucker for a cute puppy picture, too adorable.
and yes, nice shoes ;-)

Victoria said...

Been a while since I caught up with peoples blogs!

Love the above pic, and you should be proud your not doing the whole emotional eating. I am sorry your having a bad time, you will feel better soon.

10 weeks to go, wow bloody hell, need to pull my finger out!

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