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Monday, 17 October 2011

Total Jellyhead

Last night in preparation for selling my car this morning I checked my list of things I had to take and laid it all out ready for the morning. This seemed wise as in the morning I had to wash the car and pack all my bike kit into it ready for cycling home.
So this morning I got up and sorted the car, packed my bag (making a mental note to include some food and eat before I left) and put the bike in the car. I did contemplate rechecking my list but decided that was overkill as I'd done that last night of course.

I'm all set to leave and go to where I laid out the car keys (with spare key attached so I don't forget that).
They're not there.
Silly me I must have moved them back into the ''muddle drawer" in the kitchen. They're not there.

Fast forward 20minutes, the house looks like a bomb has gone off and I am running down the road to see if the rubbish bags have been collected because that is the only place left to check.
The bags aren't there.

I start crying in disbelief that despite my efforts I have managed to lose BOTH car keys on the day I am selling the car. I can't even get into the car where the manual sits with the number for ordering replacement keys. Replacement car keys are really expensive and this stupid car has already cost £5k in a year! I try to calm myself down and think logically but I've totally lost the plot. I'm only selling the damn thing because it's costing me too much and because Matt is moving out but quite clearly I'm not fit to live alone.

I check the muddle drawer for the 4th time.
The keys are there.
I cannot believe my eyes?! How can I not have seen them THREE TIMES?! Hysterical laughter ensues and I somehow make it to the dealer just on time.
I have, however, forgotten the parcel shelf which was on the list I didn't re-check. I have also forgotten to eat or pack food and left my helmet at home. I buy a cheap helmet and energy food from conveniently located bike shop across from the dealer and begin the 20 mile ride home.
It was a truly horrible journey with such a strong headwind I could barely reach 6mph on the flat on the exposed sections. I may actually have been travelling backwards on the uphill bits.

I get back to find roofers have erected scaffolding across the drive blocking the way. I have to do a Catherine Zeta Jones style contortion routine to get me and my bike through it. Im just in time to pant my way through a teleconference whilst sitting in wet cycling gear. Did I mention it rained aswell?

Oh and I saw 14.0stone on the scales this morning. WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! I am, however, NOT accepting that, am going to be so good this week that I'll be back into the 13s ASAP and pretend today never happened. Here's hoping it is back in the 13s by tomorrow.

My friend Ads came up with the genius idea of emailing our daily food diaries to each other. I think that will really work as for some reason I can't lie when I'm sending it to someone else. I can lie to myself no problem and clearly have done very well at that to put 7lbs on since August!

Some good friends of mine were waiting for medical results today I'm delighted to say it was not what was feared and they can carry on working to beat it. It sure puts things in perspective. All of my worries today were trivial nonsense that in hindsight were quite funny. And hey I must've burnt loads of calories running around the house like a panicking maniac!

Hope y'all had a good Monday.


Love Cat said...

What a day! Well done on making it the 20 miles home. I hate cycling in the wet and cold but I especially hate cycling against the wind.

You must have burned some amount of calories. You'll be back in the 13s good and proper in no time.

Hetty said...

Thanks Love Cat. Yeah I'm so NOT aerodynamic so wind really slows me down!

I took the parcel shelf back today only to be told I'd forgotten the rear headrests so I have to go back again. Arrrrgghhhhh!!! :)

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