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Monday, 31 October 2011

The night before weigh-in. Scaaarrryy!

First of all look who came trick or treating tonight....

It was a genius stroke by next doors kids as I promptly handed over all the sweets and my two pumpkins in return for a puppy cuddle.

Monday to Friday i was really good food-wise and managed a couple of bike rides at lunch. But then on saturday i ate too many halloween biscuits during a baking session. Then I made the mistake of having a glass of wine at the pub whilst out walking and subsequently found myself at Hartington Cheese shop. Dammit!

I had hideous cheese-fuelled nightmares last night and felt soooo miserable this morning. I didnt drink enough to be hungover, I just felt really disappointed with myself for ending the week on a low.
On friday morning the scales were down another 2lbs to 13st 7 but I bet that has disappeared when I step on the scales tomorrow morning. How annoying would that be to ruin things at the weekend after a whole week of goodness.

I've been getting used to using a roofless car for every day duties. Bit embarrassing taking the recycling as everyone can see and hear exactly how much of a lush I am!

Tomorrow I'm having winter tyres fitted. I can't do anything about it being rear wheel drive and half the weight of a normal car. But I can at least fit the best rubber for the upcoming conditions. I'm secretly hoping I'll be passing expensive 4x4 cars when the snow comes but in reality I'll most likely have frozen to death within a mile of the house.

Work is a total nightmare at the moment and as a result I'm sporting a cold sore and twitchy eye. Just hanging in until Friday when I go to Great Langdale for a week with my family.


victoria williams said...

Wow check out them pumpkins! Brilliant.

Don't worry about weigh in (I know harder said than done) if you have done what you can do it will show eventually.

Can't wait for this week to be over either!

Good luck x

Bumble said...

Those pumpkins are FAB!

Hope the weigh in gives you the result you're after but don't fret too much if its not. You've done amazingly well - you're entitled to a blip here and there!

Lesley said...

You are doing brilliantly Hetty. It must be hard dealing with a relationship upheaval so don't give yourself any grief re food and diet.

Keep it up chuck.

Lesley xx

Hetty said...

Thanks for the lovely comments, you haven't half cheered me up. All good advice too. Isn't it hard not to get impatient and want to speed up time when you're actually doing it right?! X

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