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Sunday, 16 October 2011

In the wee hours

Every night this week I've had a dodgy stomach wake me up and after trips to the loo I can't get back to sleep for thinking about things. Not sure if I've picked up a bug or what? Hey I'd probably have lost weight from all this if I hadn't done zero exercise and eaten so much crap this week. I am dreading getting on the scales and seriously worried I'll see the dreaded 14 again.

Yesterday was a particularly pants morning as I sold my car in preparation for the increased expense of living on my own. Selling a year old car that you bought new is about as painful as it gets financially but it's costing me too much each month and has been really disappointing all round. I can't face buying anything else right now so will get a lift to and from work with Matt whilst we are still at the same place. It will be at least a couple of months before he moves out as both of us are a bit skint and he has to find somewhere.

Wow my blog is really depressing when I post at 3am whilst suffering from stomach cramps!!

On a brighter note I did have a nice afternoon in Buxton with my friend Manda with a few drinks.....see:

I'll try to have a better week and stick to my plans. I have to cycle back from the car dealer on Monday morning after I handover my car so that will be a good start to the week. I am so grumpy when I don't exercise!


starfish264 said...

Good hat!!!! Sorry to hear things are a bit pants at the moment - I truly sympathise as I'm trying to figure out how to afford to move out of the flat I can't afford to stay in .... money's such a bloody headache! Still - from experience I can definitely say that railroading one area of your life into some kind of order certainly helps you tackle the rest of the problems. Hope it all straightens itself out a bit soon x

BabyWilt said...

It can be done I'm sure, I know the pain of selling a nearly new car, we did it only a few months ago - hurts the pocket but the long term gain is good (for us it was anyway)

Hetty said...

Your right BW. I feel massively relieved as was on a terrible finance deal and so just glad it's over. I won't ever buy another car from that manufacturer. Have you ever heard of a small hatchback needing new tyres and brake pads every 6000 miles?! I remembered to cancel my insurance renewal today and got the full £400 back with no admin charge. Every little helps!

Hetty said...

Thanks Sue. This time next year things will be much better for both of us I'm sure. The hat is from Next women's (adult) department believe it or not. And yes I had had several drinks when I bought it. :)

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