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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hetty and Pixie's Adventures Part 2

I managed to drag myself out for a ride on Wednesday on a windy and grey day. I found it disconcerting being blown sideways on the bike and why is the wind always against you when you're struggling uphill?

I managed the 20 miles to Adams Farm OK but had forgotten to have breakfast or pack any food so can't tell you how much I enjoyed this chilli in the farm cafe

I managed to be a good girl and leave the garlic bread behind but inhaled the rest of it.

I think I had been cold and sitting for too long as when I got back on the bike it was a real struggle (despite trying to counteract the headwind with my own chilli trumps!). The next destination was 9 miles further on at the best farmshop I've ever seen, Daylesford Organics. It had a cheese room and everything! I asked if I could rent it for a holiday. ;)

Matt met me there in the car so i didn't have to carry stuff home. It took all the willpower I had to turn down his offer of a lift home and get back on the bike. It got windier and I just had to keep my head down and not look too far ahead to get up the rolling hills. By the time I got near home I had done 43.5 miles and decided to go for the 50 mile target which I haven't managed before. So of course I rode to another farmshop with a cheese selection. Well whatever motivates you, right?! Another quick loop around the village and I saw the magic number...

I can't imagine doing twice as far to get a century but it will be a good long term target. It would be so much easier if I wasn't carrying around all this fat. Some people I ride with are over 4 stone lighter?! That must be a brilliant feeling. Perhaps I should make them carry weights in a rucksack?

Not surprisingly I had Thursday and Friday off the bike with a little run on Friday to and from the pub. Matts friends had come to stay for our last night and I was surprised to have a really great time. It was a good way to end the holiday, but did involve way too much food and drink.

I had a very cold drive back on Saturday with the last 45mins in rain. Not pleasant but all part of the adventure I guess.

Today I went for a quick hour long ride which was horrible as it was windy and pouring with rain.

So overall I did about 225miles on hols. BUT I really didn't eat well especially the second week and drank almost every night. It was a great holiday!! I'm not looking forward to weigh in on Tuesday but will have to focus on the positives that I'm back exercising regularly and feel heaps better.


BabyWilt said...

Most people, me included, would have gone away for 2 weeks, eaten and drunk like there was no tomorrow every day and not done a single mile let along 225miles!!! You had a great holiday and exercised like a pro.

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

I agree with babywilt, your mileage was amazing you should be proud of yourself and motivated to keep your riding up.

Holidays are meant to be food and drink centric.

Well done mate! X can't wait to meet pixie next week

amy said...

Amazing! Sounds like fun. The chili looks delicious. I haven't had my bike out in a year, but you have inspired me.

Hetty said...

Thanks BW and Ads. I know you're right but I had unrealistic dreams of coming back from holiday a stone lighter. I conveniently forgot that when chowing down on cheese tho!

Hi Amy! Definitely dust off your bike and get out there. Chilli tastes so much better after a bike ride. Especially with cheese on top. Oh god there I go again!:)

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