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Saturday, 15 October 2011

A hell of a week

Pffffffff! Holiday seems a distant memory after this week. I went back to work with plans to cycle most lunchtimes, to eat healthy regular meals and drink lots of water. Perhaps a tad unrealistic after two weeks off. I have in fact not managed to ride at all, drank lots of diet coke and ate sporadically and not particularly healthily. Arse.
Yesterday I even had my bike in the car and had half my bike gear on but still didn't manage to get out. The shoes are awful pretty with jeans though! ;)

On top of the workload it's been stressful at home because I finally got the courage to do something about my failing relationship. We're going to live separately again. Maybe going back to having our own space and dating will help get some of the feelings back that I've lost and stop me feeling so depressed about the future.

I feel really awful for forcing this on him and can't believe I'm back in this situation again, being the bad guy. But after lots of talking things through this week I know it's the right thing to do and he agrees it's the best hope for us. I think the prospect of having skytv, fast broadband and a pub within walking distance helped him come round to the idea!!

I feel quite excited about living on my own and getting some independence back but I'm also sad about being on my own more and worried about how I'm going to pay all the house costs on my own over winter.
I feel a spreadsheet and some lists coming on!

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Pedalling Polarcherry said...

Pretty shoes and a happy Hetty back. Of course its the right thing to do x

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