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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Weekly weigh-in: 14weeks to go

13st 10.0lbs on the scales this morning. Kind of what I'd expected. 5lbs up on my lowest weight, but thank goodness I'm not back in the 14s. I can't wait to get going and start seeing lower numbers.

I went for a mini bike ride yesterday to sort my position out and make sure everything was Ok. There was a strange vibration coming from the wheels when I was out of the saddle and it felt squirmy on the corners. I started freaking out about there being something wrong with the frame until I realised that road bike tyres need 100psi+ not the 30psi I put in mountain bike tyres. I have a lot to learn!
For example I thought hills would be dead easy on a road bike but I forgot that there is no granny ring so I had to push a much bigger gear than I would on my mountain bike. At least it means my legs will be getting stronger over the next fortnight.

Car all packed and ready to roll. I feel quite excited and nervous now. Not entirely sure how I will reach the toll machine on the M6 either. Eek!

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BabyWilt said...

OH no you are kidding, THATS your car!!!!!!!!!! It. Is. Amazing.

Have a total blast.

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