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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I'm still here

Today is a big work deadline I've spent the past months preparing for, so of course I woke up in the middle of the night worrying about all the things I have left to do. I tried writing it down but still couldn't get back to sleep so I thought I might aswell use the time to deal with some of the things on my non-work things to do list. Top of that list is getting back into blogging as I've been really quite rubbish the last few months.
On Monday morning whilst driving to work with that horrible dread knot in my stomach, I started crying when Lionel Richie's Hello came on the radio. Not normally moved to tears by rubbish ballads I realised at that point that I perhaps need a break from work! Fortunately I have two weeks booked off starting last week of September so only 8 more days of work to endure. I looked back at my holiday records yesterday and was horrified to find I haven't had more than 5 days off in a row since 2006! A week off just isn't enough, is it? It takes 3 days to wind down, followed by a few days of feeling wiped out and usually getting a cold just in time to start worrying about going back to work again.

I've booked a cottage in the Cotswolds with Matt for the second week of my hols but the first week I'll be on my own so will have plenty of time to sort my life out and get back on track. I looked at all sorts of holiday ideas like driving to France or Cornwall, going on a residential bootcamp, mountain bike holidays but seem to be incapable of making a decision and got stressed about having to organise things. Kinda defeats the point when arranging holidays feel like a job?! So I think I'm going to stay at home in the Peak District and do plenty of exercise, catch up with some old friends, go walking with my Dad etc.

I also need to take the time to plan out my exercise and eating routines again as that has all gone a bit random without the routine and structure of personal training or bootcamp. I've always been a ditherer so do much better when the decision about which exercise/food to cook has been made in advance.

I haven't gone completely off the rails but after I'd put 2lbs on following the hen do I weighed myself a few days later to find that had rocketed up to 5lbs. Some kind of stealthy weight gain, possibly delayed whilst my body focussed on saving my poisoned liver! I've managed to lose that again through sporadic runs (of the jogging kind, not squits) so am back down to where I was but that's a complete waste of another month where I've failed miserably to get into the 12s. Boring, Boring, BORING! I am so fed up of being stuck In the 13s. Talking and thinking about losing weight is not the same as bloody doing it, you STUPID COW!

Ooh that's better. I think I'll take that feistiness and go kick this work deadline in the ass.

P.s. Even though I haven't been blogging I have kept up with reading blogs and it's really motivating to see people achieving success. I will get commenting now!


Lesley said...

I hear you on the holiday front....can't wait for mine starting on Saturday!! Hopefully that'll reset your deiting mojo.

In the meantime, why ot try setting small, easy little mini-targets? Sometimes, when you're feeling a bit chaotic, getting back on track seems so overwhelming that you don't want to start. Break it down into little targets and then hopefully success will breed success. Just a thought.

Good luck chuck.

Lesley xx

Hetty said...

Ooh happy holidays to you. Look forward to reading about it. Thanks that is great advice I will set smaller targets to keep me going.
P.s. I am a massive Strictly fan too but would never be brave enough to try dancing myself!

BabyWilt said...

I can totally understand your frustration, I am SO sick and tired of loosing and gaining the same bally 7kgs, when its off why do I lapse! grrrrrrr
Lets crack it this time and shock our body's to keeping the weight off, that will teach it!!!!!

Hetty said...

Well said BW, let's bloody well get on with it!!! :) x

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