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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

....and relax

Finally home from work having met the deadline, just. I should feel good but I have instantly switched to worrying about how many mistakes will be found in my data! I'm hopeless. Clearly a former sports science student has no business doing a job involving numbers. But anyway it's done and I can relax until the next quarterly finance update.
And to top it off I got an email saying my new bike will be built on Monday so I should get it on Tuesday. And then when I got home I found my landlord has started building a little house for Bertie. (Okay, okay it's a garage for a car and i have to pay to rent it, but it made me clap when I saw they'd started it.) I'm not sure he would do well outdoors over winter given that it did this last year.

I'm going to a friends wedding on Saturday and it's going to be so much fun and I can't wait to see them get married. It makes me feel a bit nostalgic about my wedding day too. I have no regrets about that part, it was a wonderful day. Just sometimes wish I had found a way to make it work and tried everything before resorting to divorce.
In the photo below we are about to run a Cancer Research 10k, me in my dress! My Mum had just completed all her treatment for breast cancer at the time so I ran to celebrate that. She was there at the finish line when I came over and I spent most of the race half-crying, half-laughing. A great experience. I think I was about 5lbs lighter than I am now in that photo so not long to go until I'm back there. I still keep in touch with my ex and will be meeting up with him next week as it's his 40th birthday. Don't read anything into that, we meet up each year! He got into road biking last year so I'm looking forward to boring him stupid with questions about his flash bike.

Well I think I better get an early night. X

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Victoria said...

Job done well done, I love numbers personally but I can see how quarter ends can be a pain in the behind.

Its good you have a relationship with your ex, many just feel horrid and bitter, things cant always work out no matter how hard you work at it but your through the other end and doing great. Love the pic, fab!


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