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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Made it

Whoo hoo what a trip. Started off foggy and cold requiring much wiping of the little screens to see where I was going (no wipers). Then the sun came out about an hour in and stayed for the rest of the journey. It took 5 hours in total with two stops (but only one wee break which is a miracle for me!!).

After 5 hours of this....

I looked very much like this....

and when I used a face wipe it was literally black with grime, albeit very smooth underneath. Fish pedicures are SO last season. You want 70mph carbon monoxide/bugs blasted at your face you do.

I should have paid more attention to the cottage details. When it said "at the highest point on the south downs" I imagined some namby pamby softie southerners "hill". I was wrong. It's bloody hilly and I am not strong enough of thigh yet to crank the road gears but I did get out riding when I got here despite being really tired. Really wish I hadn't discovered the Italian bakery nearby though. Best. Ciabatta. EVER!

Can't wait for tomorrows' adventure. Night night. :)

Weekly weigh-in: 14weeks to go

13st 10.0lbs on the scales this morning. Kind of what I'd expected. 5lbs up on my lowest weight, but thank goodness I'm not back in the 14s. I can't wait to get going and start seeing lower numbers.

I went for a mini bike ride yesterday to sort my position out and make sure everything was Ok. There was a strange vibration coming from the wheels when I was out of the saddle and it felt squirmy on the corners. I started freaking out about there being something wrong with the frame until I realised that road bike tyres need 100psi+ not the 30psi I put in mountain bike tyres. I have a lot to learn!
For example I thought hills would be dead easy on a road bike but I forgot that there is no granny ring so I had to push a much bigger gear than I would on my mountain bike. At least it means my legs will be getting stronger over the next fortnight.

Car all packed and ready to roll. I feel quite excited and nervous now. Not entirely sure how I will reach the toll machine on the M6 either. Eek!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Phew, another hectic fortnight since the last post. The wedding last weekend was great fun and the bride looked absolutely stunning. I felt really uncomfortable in my dress but think that will always be the case, no matter what I weigh.

I have the next two weeks off work to get back on track and sort myself out. YEAH!
There are still 14 weeks left of 2011 and I'd like to have passed the 3 stone lost mark by the end of the year. So on Tuesday morning I'll post the first of 14 weekly weigh-ins. I'm really not looking forward to seeing a horrific number on the scales but I need to do it now before any more damage is done. I then have two weeks of exercise planned to kick start things.

On Tuesday I'm off to the South Downs staying in a little cottage. My plan is to explore the area by bike, getting back into the habit of exercising every day (and blogging more often). Admittedly my list of places to visit primarily consists of farm shops, vineyards and cafes but as long as I choose wisely and keep the exercise up I should be OK! Amazingly the weather forecast is fantastic. I just can't believe it, that never happens when I take time off?!

I'll be spending tomorrow figuring out how to fit everything in the car and doing a ride on my new bike to try and get used to being on skinny tyres. It feels very wierd compared to my mountain bike and I do not, in ANY way, look like a road biker. Although i dont really look like a mountain biker either....

....shot putt or wrestling come to mind.

Hopefully I'll get used to the road bike experience and it should make it easier to cover more miles. I'll be wearing the jersey from my fave blog of all time to make it absolutely clear to onlookers that I'm not taking things seriously. Go Team Fatty!

I then drive to meet Matt in the Cotswolds for another week of biking and walking. I can only fit one week of stuff in Bertie so this means packing another set of stuff for Matt to bring down. Good job I like making lists and packing eh?!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

....and relax

Finally home from work having met the deadline, just. I should feel good but I have instantly switched to worrying about how many mistakes will be found in my data! I'm hopeless. Clearly a former sports science student has no business doing a job involving numbers. But anyway it's done and I can relax until the next quarterly finance update.
And to top it off I got an email saying my new bike will be built on Monday so I should get it on Tuesday. And then when I got home I found my landlord has started building a little house for Bertie. (Okay, okay it's a garage for a car and i have to pay to rent it, but it made me clap when I saw they'd started it.) I'm not sure he would do well outdoors over winter given that it did this last year.

I'm going to a friends wedding on Saturday and it's going to be so much fun and I can't wait to see them get married. It makes me feel a bit nostalgic about my wedding day too. I have no regrets about that part, it was a wonderful day. Just sometimes wish I had found a way to make it work and tried everything before resorting to divorce.
In the photo below we are about to run a Cancer Research 10k, me in my dress! My Mum had just completed all her treatment for breast cancer at the time so I ran to celebrate that. She was there at the finish line when I came over and I spent most of the race half-crying, half-laughing. A great experience. I think I was about 5lbs lighter than I am now in that photo so not long to go until I'm back there. I still keep in touch with my ex and will be meeting up with him next week as it's his 40th birthday. Don't read anything into that, we meet up each year! He got into road biking last year so I'm looking forward to boring him stupid with questions about his flash bike.

Well I think I better get an early night. X

I'm still here

Today is a big work deadline I've spent the past months preparing for, so of course I woke up in the middle of the night worrying about all the things I have left to do. I tried writing it down but still couldn't get back to sleep so I thought I might aswell use the time to deal with some of the things on my non-work things to do list. Top of that list is getting back into blogging as I've been really quite rubbish the last few months.
On Monday morning whilst driving to work with that horrible dread knot in my stomach, I started crying when Lionel Richie's Hello came on the radio. Not normally moved to tears by rubbish ballads I realised at that point that I perhaps need a break from work! Fortunately I have two weeks booked off starting last week of September so only 8 more days of work to endure. I looked back at my holiday records yesterday and was horrified to find I haven't had more than 5 days off in a row since 2006! A week off just isn't enough, is it? It takes 3 days to wind down, followed by a few days of feeling wiped out and usually getting a cold just in time to start worrying about going back to work again.

I've booked a cottage in the Cotswolds with Matt for the second week of my hols but the first week I'll be on my own so will have plenty of time to sort my life out and get back on track. I looked at all sorts of holiday ideas like driving to France or Cornwall, going on a residential bootcamp, mountain bike holidays but seem to be incapable of making a decision and got stressed about having to organise things. Kinda defeats the point when arranging holidays feel like a job?! So I think I'm going to stay at home in the Peak District and do plenty of exercise, catch up with some old friends, go walking with my Dad etc.

I also need to take the time to plan out my exercise and eating routines again as that has all gone a bit random without the routine and structure of personal training or bootcamp. I've always been a ditherer so do much better when the decision about which exercise/food to cook has been made in advance.

I haven't gone completely off the rails but after I'd put 2lbs on following the hen do I weighed myself a few days later to find that had rocketed up to 5lbs. Some kind of stealthy weight gain, possibly delayed whilst my body focussed on saving my poisoned liver! I've managed to lose that again through sporadic runs (of the jogging kind, not squits) so am back down to where I was but that's a complete waste of another month where I've failed miserably to get into the 12s. Boring, Boring, BORING! I am so fed up of being stuck In the 13s. Talking and thinking about losing weight is not the same as bloody doing it, you STUPID COW!

Ooh that's better. I think I'll take that feistiness and go kick this work deadline in the ass.

P.s. Even though I haven't been blogging I have kept up with reading blogs and it's really motivating to see people achieving success. I will get commenting now!