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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Too much fun = Two pounds on

Yes not surprisingly a fortnight of fun can't go without punishment. Thank goodness I kept up the exercise otherwise it coulda been a lot worse. The hen do was a good reminder of how far I still have to go. Although i was having great fun i still felt conscious of being big and was disappointed when i saw the photos. It's nowhere near as bad as I looked and felt last summer but it still makes me feel sad.

On average I've lost 1lb per week this year. Not exactly stellar but should stay off at least. Time to shift it up a gear if I'm going to lose 7lbs and get into the 12s by the wedding do in 3 weeks time. I'm leaving dress shopping until the last minute that's for sure! If I can't find anything I'll go with my existing LBD with a bright shrug and shoes. A shrug is essential as I have a hideous t-shirt tan which no amount of fake tan will even out. I like this one but that means trying to find pink shoes in autumn.

and if I get high heels the entire look will be ruined by me needing this accessory:

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Lesley said...

A lb a week for a whole is FANTASTIC! Nearly in the 12's too. Hopefully this will be be this time next year.

Lesley x

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