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Monday, 8 August 2011

Smaller weights and great mates

I was dreading getting weighed at the docs last friday as part of a routine checkup. Their analogue scale showed me up to 13 stone 12 arrggghh! I thought "how can I have put 5lbs on since i last weighed myself at home last friday?!" I said to the nurse I was a lot lighter on my scales at home and she said "well I shouldn't say this, but so am I, so I think these are broken". Well don't bloody use them then! Plus she typed 14 stone into my records. I somehow fought the urge to shout "DON'T ROUND IT UP, YOU COW!"
Anyway I weighed myself on the scales at home to put my mind at rest and several readings showed the same result of 13st 5. Yey! BMI finally under 30. No idea how I've managed to eat so much and still lose, but I don't deserve it and wouldn't be surprised if it is back on by next weigh in.

I had a great bike ride with Trudi in the sunshine on Friday followed by a cracking girls night full of laughter. Just what we all needed I reckon. Here I am trying on Trudis wig. I look a teensy bit tipsy!

I was dreading going to work today and got stuck there late so had to race to get to bootcamp in time. I was SO not in the mood but ended up having a great laugh with the other bootcampers and met some new people. Becci the instructor came up with an evil hill session:
Run up hill, do 20 deep squats, run back down
Run up hill do 20 squat thrusts, back down
Run up hill do 20 lunge jumps, back down
Repeat whole circuit twice more.
Be a bit sick (that wasn't mandatory!).
We then did another circuit but with press ups, leg raises and planks.
I anticipate having to use the disabled facilities at work tomorrow as I'll need the handles to get on and off the toilet!

There's lots to look forward to in the next few weeks so time to set some mini goals:
End August:
I'd like to lose another 3lbs this month as that would get me to 2.5 stone lost. And what do goals make?......PRIZES! I haven't worn a watch for years so have ordered one that looks comfy and should withstand sweat and sheep poo from bootcamp. Although it won't stay clean and white for long.

I'm going to a good friends wedding do so it's a chance to get dressed up. I would be over the moon if I could be in the 12s by then and able to get a new dress. Maybe something girlie and bright for a change, eek! I will have to ask my sis to help me shop for it. I'm going to the do on my own as I want to be able to enjoy seeing my friend on her happiest day without having to worry about anyone else not enjoying themselves.
"All the women,
throw yo hands up in the aiyer!" ;)


starfish264 said...

Yay - see - you're maintaining your loss! And not surprising - your boot camp sounds eeeeeee-vil!

Sounds like you'll be new dress shopping for the wedding in next to no time! :o)

Good to see you got some riding in too - I'm starting to remember how much I love it, and just want to go faster, faster, faster .... although maybe not up the hills, where I'd just like to make it to the top with both lungs in tact! x

Hetty said...

It sounds like you've really got the biking bug. I'm with you on the uphill slogs but it always helps me to remember how much harder it was before losing weight. Me and Ads (polarcherry) were just saying last weekend that you should come up to the peak district to come mountain biking with us. She's absolutely brilliant downhill but don't worry I am a scardey cat that gets off and pushes when I start imagining dental operations! I might be going to Cornwall in September staying either near Bude or Padstow to try surfing. Already bricking it! Can't decide if I'm more scared of wearing wetsuit in public or drowning? :)

Lesley said...

I hate doctor's scales! Don't they realise how annoying it is not to get the credit you deserve?!

Well done for your losses and your exercise efforts - I'm sure you'll look gorgeous at the wedding - definitely go for a bright dress!

Keep it up chuck.

Lesley x

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