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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

No bloggy mojo

I've started a blog post several times since the last one but can't seem to string a thought together. Ooh, there's one now! maybe this draft will actually get posted.

Work has been horrible as has relationship stuff and I really can't be arsed with either. I am completely incapable of making decisions right now and its doing my head in. I know i need to change/do something but can't figure out whats for the best and it's such a jumble in my head.
I think going away on holiday on my own might be an idea but after a google sesh in the wee hours of the morning, ranging from bootcamp weeks to alpine mountain biking to surfing lessons, I came away confused and tired.

On a brighter note I started a new bootcamp three times a week and it's kicking my ass. It involves a lot of running interspersed with combinations of stair sprints, squats, press-ups, boxing etc outdoors. I was a bit nervous turning up for my first session but the regulars were really welcoming. Now all I need to do is stop working late so I can get there in time.

I've also not hidden away from social stuff, which I have a history of doing when things get stressful. The '80s concert with my sis was brilliant! I totally loved Peter Cox from Go West, a drunk Rick Astley who kept shouting "come on you buggers!" and dancing with everyone in the queue for the portaloos.

I bought some weighing scales too eek! After 4 days of staring them out across the room I finally plucked up the courage to step on and was relieved to find I'd stayed the same in the last four weeks despite pigging out. However that's yet another four weeks I've wasted not losing. Fortunately I haven't got the energy to beat myself up about it so will just try to focus on doing better over the next few weeks.

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BabyWilt said...

Sending lots of bloggy hugs xxx
And this too shall pass (or something like that!!).

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