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Sunday, 10 July 2011

A holiday of two halves

My week off work started well with a 15 mile walk at the weekend in training for the big 26 miler. I felt great all the way around and could have done another few hours so started to believe I really could do the big one.

Whilst walking through a field this little fella gambled over and started nibbling my arm. I'm now slightly concerned I'm giving off some kind of carroty scent that attracts donkeys and horses as this has become a regular occurrence on my walks?!

On Wednesday I went for another lovely walk with Trudi around Ladybower. I should have taken a pic of the lovely views but quite frankly the lunch at the pub was the best view of all. Thought I was being healthy picking a tart with salad but I hadn't reckoned on getting an entire round of goats cheese on top. I had to leave some which is most unusual. ME?...leaving cheese? With my reputation?!

That afternoon I headed over to my parents' for some car tinkering and a trip to the pub with Dad and Humphrey. I don't have a recent pic but here he is as a pup hoovering up some snow (Humphrey, not my Dad).

After rather too many tipples, and a gorgeous dish of maple-roasted chicken cooked by Mum, I woke up the next morning in bed fully-clothed with shoes still on. A sign of a good night if ever there was one! Some people dread having to spend time with family but I positively look forward to it. And not just because of all the food and booze, honest Mum!

On Thursday night it all started to go horribly wrong as I started suffering quite a lot of pain from a 'strain' possibly related to overdoing the weight lifting in recent weeks. Matt took me to the pharmacist to get some urgent treatment. On Friday morning we went to a French restaurant for brunch but I was really suffering by then and just wanted to go home. I spent the rest of the day lying down and munching ibuprofen in the hope I would recover in time for the big walk the next day.

Unfortunately there was no improvement the next morning so I had to drop out. I was so gutted. I know it's not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things but I was just annoyed that I've had no injures in six months of training yet I have to get a problem two days before the walk. I guess I can walk the same route another time but it's not the same as doing the organised event.

Thankfully I have started to improve today. I felt really quite down over the past few days due to the inactivity and quite frankly worrying it was going to end in a trip to A&E. Can't believe I used to do nothing all weekend out of choice? I have a renewed an appreciation for the fact that I am usually fit and able to exercise with only self-inflicted pain!
I am a bit concerned that I could trigger the same problem again if I go straight back into lifting heavy weights, so this coming week I'll be doing more cardio and only bodyweight exercises (my body weighs more than enough afterall!).

My 2 stone reward gym bag arrived but hasn't got any use yet. It's like the Tardis as can carry my laptop, towel, trainers and gym clothes. Plus it has a flowery lining which is properly girlie for me!

I've no doubt gained weight after doing less exercise and having heaps of scrumptious food this week, but hopefully it will drop off when I get back at it.

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Miss Spoon said...

Love the bag! Hope you feel better soon.

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