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Friday, 22 July 2011

Going solo...

It's been a week of change since my last post.  I'm going through some relationship stuff that I won't go into on here.  Not really sure what to do about it and I really don't want it to derail my weight loss/fitness.
I've stopped my personal training sessions too for a few reasons.  Partly because I want to spend more time over in Cheshire with my family and it's difficult to do that with regular early morning appointments.  But also I think 6 months and halfway to goal is a good point to go it alone and prove that I can do it myself.  Jon has given me the knowledge and confidence to do that. 

At the moment I'm trying to figure out my exercise schedule because without PT and bootcamp the world is my oyster.  I don't want to make things too complicated but I also want to do a variety of exercise and have fun with it.  I've found a couple of bootcamp options plus there's various sports clubs at work that would be fun.  I also want to go biking with my pals and hit the gym too so will workout a schedule this weekend.  In the meantime I've done a couple of long walks and a run this week to keep it going.  Eating hasn't been particular good but not a total disaster.

Now that I won't be getting weighed at PT I'll have to get some scales again. Let's see how much of a mentalist I get about it this time eh?!!  At the gym they only have a whizzy body composition machine thing and you have to book an appointment to use it so that's not an option for regular weighing.  I just realised I haven't weighed-in since 30th June which is ages.  My feeling is that I'll have gained in the last few weeks because of having a week off work, not being able to exercise much for a week because of injury and generally not eating well.  But weirdly I tried a few pairs of trousers on this morning that felt looser than 2 weeks ago so it's anyone's guess what the scales will show next time.

A fun weekend lies ahead starting with a test drive at the Buxton Fringe Festival.  I get to thrash a smart car up to Goyt Valley where they do a photo shoot before sending you barrelling back down the hill.   I hope it makes me giggle as much as I remember from my previous two smart cars as I need a cheap replacement for my current 'sensible' car which is costing me a fortune to run.

Then in the evening my lovely sister and I are going to an '80s outdoor concert with the likes of Rick Astley, Tony Hadley, Go West etc. performing.  I'll try and control myself with the picnic but there will be cheese and there will be wine.  And probably quite a lot of singing and dancing.  Yey!


BabyWilt said...

You sound like you have your head firmly screwed on and keeping focus. Once you have figured a fitness regime you'll be all go I'm sure. Hope you manage to sort out your personal problems xx

starfish264 said...

Damn it - I typed an entire essay in here earlier about booo to personal emotional traumas, but yay that you sound like you're coping well, and how circuits were a great substitute for me when I had to give up my PT sessions, but the great internet has eaten it. So all of the above, with bells on xx

Hetty said...

Thanks for the comments Lara and Sue. Really helps and yes I reckon exercising will keep me on the straight and narrow. :)

Jon said...

You've done a fantastic job getting this far, Heather, and I know you'll do great on your own.

You're like a blossoming butterfly, being released into the wild ;)


Lesley said...

How was the concert??? Rick Astley. How come I missed it?! Hope you had lots of fun and hope the weigh in goes well. Good luck with the relationship issues too.

Lesley xx

Hetty said...

Thanks Jon. I still feel more hippo than butterfly but I'll get there. P.s. Havent forgotten about your testimonial.

Lesley the concert was ace. I've never seen so many seemingly respectable people in their 30s that drunk in the afternoon. I must go to more concerts! :)

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