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Saturday, 2 July 2011


I had an induction at my work gym this week so I can add the two extra weight sessions in. The receptionist told me that as I'd been a member before it would just be filling out a form. So I was a bit surprised when the lovely Patrick put me through a full assessment including a kettlebell workout in front of a load of silver foxes (it was pensioners day!). I was also completely unprepared to be getting my first weight result in 3 weeks. The good news is I am 5lbs down so have passed my 2 stone goal and am over halfway on this journey.

As a reward I ordered a new gym bag from Sherpani. It's a proper girlie one with lots of compartments to keep things organised. I'll post some pics when it arrives in case anyone else is an organisation geek!

Unfortunately I discovered I'm 168cms tall which is shorter than the 5ft 7" I've been entering into BMI calculators so despite the loss I am still just above 30 and will have to wait a little longer for that goal.

Today's bootcamp was really tough as I was sore from Friday's PT session. But it was worth it for the lovely breakfast afterwards.....

.....and after that a bit of shopping for technical t-shirts that aren't black, shock horror!

Then to top it all off I got asked for ID whilst buying Bacardi in the supermarket on the way home. I squealed "really?!!", which was so not playing it cool. Admittedly he was an elderly gentlemen with thick-lensed spectacles and they have to ask if they think you could be under 25. But hey, I'm 36 so even if Mr Magoo asked me for ID I'd be happy!!
The rest of the day has been spent feet up in the garden and eating rather too much meat. Back on track tomorrow as I want that next goal of 2.5 stone in 5lbs time. The 12s seem a long way off still though and I'm still struggling with balancing having fun with getting results. Let's see what upping the exercise does over the next few weeks.


BabyWilt said...

Well done on 5lbs down, thats great going. I do think jazzing up your usual routine will go a long way to getting your body working better at burning fuel - mine regularly needs a shake up when I get stuck at a certain weight, but that hasn't been for awhile purely because I've been heading in the wrong direction for a while now :(.

Victoria said...

Fantastic well done on passing your 2 Stone, such a great achievement. :D

I like the t-shirts too, much better than boring old black!

Vics x

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

well done Hetty! 2 stone is a big achievement.

Ruby said...

Woo hoo! great news!

Love Cat said...

I've seen your profile pic on lots of other blogs that you follow (including mine) but I have only just found yours!

You are an exercise machine! Love it and am inspired. I'm looking forward to reading more and seeing you get into the 12's which aren't far away at all!

Hetty said...

Thanks for the lovely comments. I'll try not to take so long to get to 3 stone.

Hello Love Cat! I am loving your blog and am v jealous of your man-magnet skills. If I'm single when I get to goal weight can I hire you as a flirting/dating instructor?! ;)

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