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Friday, 22 July 2011

Going solo...

It's been a week of change since my last post.  I'm going through some relationship stuff that I won't go into on here.  Not really sure what to do about it and I really don't want it to derail my weight loss/fitness.
I've stopped my personal training sessions too for a few reasons.  Partly because I want to spend more time over in Cheshire with my family and it's difficult to do that with regular early morning appointments.  But also I think 6 months and halfway to goal is a good point to go it alone and prove that I can do it myself.  Jon has given me the knowledge and confidence to do that. 

At the moment I'm trying to figure out my exercise schedule because without PT and bootcamp the world is my oyster.  I don't want to make things too complicated but I also want to do a variety of exercise and have fun with it.  I've found a couple of bootcamp options plus there's various sports clubs at work that would be fun.  I also want to go biking with my pals and hit the gym too so will workout a schedule this weekend.  In the meantime I've done a couple of long walks and a run this week to keep it going.  Eating hasn't been particular good but not a total disaster.

Now that I won't be getting weighed at PT I'll have to get some scales again. Let's see how much of a mentalist I get about it this time eh?!!  At the gym they only have a whizzy body composition machine thing and you have to book an appointment to use it so that's not an option for regular weighing.  I just realised I haven't weighed-in since 30th June which is ages.  My feeling is that I'll have gained in the last few weeks because of having a week off work, not being able to exercise much for a week because of injury and generally not eating well.  But weirdly I tried a few pairs of trousers on this morning that felt looser than 2 weeks ago so it's anyone's guess what the scales will show next time.

A fun weekend lies ahead starting with a test drive at the Buxton Fringe Festival.  I get to thrash a smart car up to Goyt Valley where they do a photo shoot before sending you barrelling back down the hill.   I hope it makes me giggle as much as I remember from my previous two smart cars as I need a cheap replacement for my current 'sensible' car which is costing me a fortune to run.

Then in the evening my lovely sister and I are going to an '80s outdoor concert with the likes of Rick Astley, Tony Hadley, Go West etc. performing.  I'll try and control myself with the picnic but there will be cheese and there will be wine.  And probably quite a lot of singing and dancing.  Yey!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

A good week

It's been hard being back at work this week, getting back into healthy eating and not drinking every day. But I've done it and feel soooo much better.
I even managed to stick to the left side of this gorgeous spread a work colleague placed right near my desk. I was so impressed that she was thoughtful enough to bring in some healthy options aswell as the usual cakes. I had a sliver of carrot cake but that's part of my 5-a-day, right (5 cakes a day)?

On Wednesday I met up with my mate Ads for a long overdue catch up and a little walk around Ladybower. It was lovely to have a girlie chat and tea at the pub. I am so excited to see her get married in September and for once I'm not even dreading having to shop for a dress.

Can't complain about Thursdays sunshine fest though. I had to stop to take a pic on the way home as there was a magical moment when bunny rabbits were silhouetted in the road like a scene from Watership Down. Of course the little gits moved just before I pressed the button. They're hiding in the verge giggling I'm sure.

Today involved PT and 8 miles of jog/walk. After last week of feeling run down, in pain and generally miserable it was good to be back surfing the endorphin wave.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

7 things....

I am very late in thanking Ruby at Strictly Blooming for giving me a stylish blog award. If you saw my wardrobe contents you'd know the stylish bit isn't true but thanks for the award Ruby, well done on your brill loss so far and go for it with getting to your next goal for your holiday.
It looks like people I would have given the award to already have it (I should have responded earlier!) but I can at least fulfill the other part which is to share 7 things about myself people don't know. So here goes:

1) I lived in Nevada, US for a year when I was 10. I loved the great weather, skateboarding with my pals and being free to do all the sports that were more restricted to boys only back in the UK. I probably don't need to tell you I'm a bit of a tomboy, right?

2) I've only had two boyfriends in my 36 years, 1 proper job, but 14 cars. Something tells me I was looking for change/fulfilment in the wrong place?!

3) I tend to get fascinated by a new interest and spend hours reading up about it. Recent example being weight lifting. It's really not a good approach but I've always been the same and thankfully my family and Matt are patient or just switch off whilst I ramble on.

4) I'm not sure I can just be happy in a situation without always questioning whether or not I'm doing the right thing. It's exhausting.

Blimey, this is getting deep and I'm not even on the wine tonight!

5) I've never been on a beach holiday. I was completely obsessed with skiing (see point 3) when I was at school so I went on the school ski holidays instead of a summer holiday. I always wanted to do a ski season but met boyfriend number one just before university and so never did it. I had an enforced break from any holidays for years due to getting myself into debt. I then had a really disappointing holiday a couple of years ago when I realised with horror that I was too fat/unfit to enjoy skiing anymore.
I'm now with someone who doesn't like travelling hence still haven't been anywhere remotely beachy. Oh my god I've just realised we've been together for 3 years and we've only left the country once.....when we went to Wales.

.....Maybe one day I'll take a career break and do that ski season afterall.

6) I love cheese so much it hurts

7) Reading the above has seriously made me question what the hell I'm doing with my life!

A holiday of two halves

My week off work started well with a 15 mile walk at the weekend in training for the big 26 miler. I felt great all the way around and could have done another few hours so started to believe I really could do the big one.

Whilst walking through a field this little fella gambled over and started nibbling my arm. I'm now slightly concerned I'm giving off some kind of carroty scent that attracts donkeys and horses as this has become a regular occurrence on my walks?!

On Wednesday I went for another lovely walk with Trudi around Ladybower. I should have taken a pic of the lovely views but quite frankly the lunch at the pub was the best view of all. Thought I was being healthy picking a tart with salad but I hadn't reckoned on getting an entire round of goats cheese on top. I had to leave some which is most unusual. ME?...leaving cheese? With my reputation?!

That afternoon I headed over to my parents' for some car tinkering and a trip to the pub with Dad and Humphrey. I don't have a recent pic but here he is as a pup hoovering up some snow (Humphrey, not my Dad).

After rather too many tipples, and a gorgeous dish of maple-roasted chicken cooked by Mum, I woke up the next morning in bed fully-clothed with shoes still on. A sign of a good night if ever there was one! Some people dread having to spend time with family but I positively look forward to it. And not just because of all the food and booze, honest Mum!

On Thursday night it all started to go horribly wrong as I started suffering quite a lot of pain from a 'strain' possibly related to overdoing the weight lifting in recent weeks. Matt took me to the pharmacist to get some urgent treatment. On Friday morning we went to a French restaurant for brunch but I was really suffering by then and just wanted to go home. I spent the rest of the day lying down and munching ibuprofen in the hope I would recover in time for the big walk the next day.

Unfortunately there was no improvement the next morning so I had to drop out. I was so gutted. I know it's not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things but I was just annoyed that I've had no injures in six months of training yet I have to get a problem two days before the walk. I guess I can walk the same route another time but it's not the same as doing the organised event.

Thankfully I have started to improve today. I felt really quite down over the past few days due to the inactivity and quite frankly worrying it was going to end in a trip to A&E. Can't believe I used to do nothing all weekend out of choice? I have a renewed an appreciation for the fact that I am usually fit and able to exercise with only self-inflicted pain!
I am a bit concerned that I could trigger the same problem again if I go straight back into lifting heavy weights, so this coming week I'll be doing more cardio and only bodyweight exercises (my body weighs more than enough afterall!).

My 2 stone reward gym bag arrived but hasn't got any use yet. It's like the Tardis as can carry my laptop, towel, trainers and gym clothes. Plus it has a flowery lining which is properly girlie for me!

I've no doubt gained weight after doing less exercise and having heaps of scrumptious food this week, but hopefully it will drop off when I get back at it.

Saturday, 2 July 2011


I had an induction at my work gym this week so I can add the two extra weight sessions in. The receptionist told me that as I'd been a member before it would just be filling out a form. So I was a bit surprised when the lovely Patrick put me through a full assessment including a kettlebell workout in front of a load of silver foxes (it was pensioners day!). I was also completely unprepared to be getting my first weight result in 3 weeks. The good news is I am 5lbs down so have passed my 2 stone goal and am over halfway on this journey.

As a reward I ordered a new gym bag from Sherpani. It's a proper girlie one with lots of compartments to keep things organised. I'll post some pics when it arrives in case anyone else is an organisation geek!

Unfortunately I discovered I'm 168cms tall which is shorter than the 5ft 7" I've been entering into BMI calculators so despite the loss I am still just above 30 and will have to wait a little longer for that goal.

Today's bootcamp was really tough as I was sore from Friday's PT session. But it was worth it for the lovely breakfast afterwards.....

.....and after that a bit of shopping for technical t-shirts that aren't black, shock horror!

Then to top it all off I got asked for ID whilst buying Bacardi in the supermarket on the way home. I squealed "really?!!", which was so not playing it cool. Admittedly he was an elderly gentlemen with thick-lensed spectacles and they have to ask if they think you could be under 25. But hey, I'm 36 so even if Mr Magoo asked me for ID I'd be happy!!
The rest of the day has been spent feet up in the garden and eating rather too much meat. Back on track tomorrow as I want that next goal of 2.5 stone in 5lbs time. The 12s seem a long way off still though and I'm still struggling with balancing having fun with getting results. Let's see what upping the exercise does over the next few weeks.