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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Weight chart progress and learning so far

I've just updated my weight chart on Livestrong and it makes for interesting reading and points for me to learn from.  I'm pretty annoyed with myself for not doing so well in April as I could have been a lot further on by now.  But I realise there are no quick fixes and you can't always be perfect and can't control everything that goes on in life.  I guess it's a case of recognising what might cause you to go off track and dealing with it better if it comes up.  Also knowing that overall you're still heading towards your goal, it might just take a little longer than your unrealistic expectations told you at the beginning!

January to early March:
Pretty consistent losses, I stuck with my program and made it a habit.  I don't remember it being really hard to stick with those first few weeks because I was so relieved that I'd finally started something and taken action instead of always putting it off until next week.  At the risk of sounding like a high-fiving, group-hugging motivational speaker:  If anyone is reading this who is at rock-bottom like I was before Christmas, with no energy, hiding away from life and beating yourself up for being overweight and/or unfit.  Just DO something today. You don't have to have a massive complicated plan or do anything drastic like cutting out all your favourite foods or exercising every day.  Just pick one thing to start with and start doing it today.  As soon as you've started it gets easier every day and from then on you'll never feel as bad as you did yesterday.

Mid-Late March:  I had a few weeks staying the same which was really irritating and didn't help with my scales obsession.  The dip downwards in March was due to GI illness followed by a mad attempt at only eating protein which was horrible (eggy trumps!) and just resulted in me eating more the next week.
Notes to self: 
- Extreme measures don't work long-term. 
- Sometimes you do stay the same for a while but stick with it and things will get moving again soon. 
- Sometimes the scales don't reflect the effort you put in that week, but they will.  Just be patient.

April:  It all goes a bit Pete Tong starting with the holiday from hell where I found solace in food and drink whilst being deprived of sleep and self-worth!  Then I threw my scales away which I don't think was a mistake in itself as it forced me not to weigh every day.  BUT then I went too far the other way and didn't get weighed for weeks.  The longer it went on the more convinced I was that I'd put all the weight back on when clearly I hadn't.  I ate way too much and drank too much too but didn't put too much on as I stuck with the exercising. 
Notes to self: 
- When I get to where I want to be weight-wise I'll actually be able to go out socialising, enjoy things in moderation without putting weight back on as long as I keep the exercise up and eat healthily most of the time.  It's all about balance and it's OK to take a while to learn how to get that right (and have a huge amount of fun socialising whilst you learn!!).

May:  I started being weighed once a week by Jon again and got back into good habits that I know worked earlier in the year. 
Notes to self: 
- Routine is my friend!  Having PT Monday and Friday, bootcamp Wednesday and Saturday means I know exactly what I'm doing and there is no decision to be made about whether or not I'm exercising.  It's just what I do. 
- I love exercising with other people (even if they're thinner than me!!).  When exercise is fun, time goes a bit quicker!
- I get really motivated by setting fitness goals and am really enjoying weight training.  - There's a few things I've already done that I thought I couldn't because of old injuries or just assuming I'd be too old or fat.  It's amazing how quickly your body responds to regular training and I now feel really optimistic about what I might be able to achieve.

Just reading back over some posts I realise I've been a bit down on Matt and feel bad as he is being supportive about me getting fit and losing weight.  Last night he even rubbed my shoulders which really helped.  (Don't worry there was no Barry White music or candles as it was WAY too painful for that. ;))  I should be a bit kinder when mentioning him here.


Victoria said...

This is a great reflective post. Its good to see where things are good and not so good but mostly why so. You know where things went wrong and you don't have your head in the sand. Saying that you have done fantastically, we have to live our life while losing weight, no biggest loser here, we cant just walk away from our lives for 5 months and do nothing but workout 6 hours a day.
Stick with a good routine, healthy food and you will hit your goals, no faddy activities!

Keep up the good work xx

Hetty said...

Thanks Vics. Your chart would have a much straighter line as you've done so well not to let things get in your way. Glad you're enjoying bootcamp. Well not 'enjoying' but getting a good workout anyway. Self massage with a foam roller really helps me to recover quicker from the pain. X

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