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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Run in the sun and a new friend Derek the Donkey

My mate T came over for a run v early this morning and it was great fun, plus an excellent hangover cure. Also genius as we got out whilst the trail was quiet and before the rain came.
I fell in love with Derek the Donkey who lives a couple of fields away from me. I didn't realise their ears were so hairy (he probably thought the same about my legs!!).

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starfish264 said...

Oh my God - how cute is Derek??? Although I do think Derek might be a mule, rather than a donkey .... which would explain the size of the ears!!!

Looking good, Hetty!

Hetty said...

I found out he's a Poitous donkey called Arnie. Their coats don't moult hence the Chewbacca look, I went to visit him again today. Such a cutie!

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