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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Really sweaty Hetty

Phew wot a scorcher Monday was!! That never usually happens when I'm off work.
Like a good girl I didn't slack on the exercise and got up at 7am to put the rubbish out. There are no modern wheelie bins here and you have to leave your bin bags by the road a 1/4 mile away by 7:30am. You can't leave them overnight or else animals will rip them up. So now I've decided to make it an exercise opportunity and do shuttle runs carrying the bags with my motivational playlist on (is anyone else incapable of saying "motivational" without using an American accent and punching the air?)
Katy Perry - Firework
Jet - Are you gonna be my girl
Darwin Deez - Up in the clouds
Jamiroquai- White Knuckle Ride
Angels and Airwaves - everything's magic

I went to PT at 10am and told Jon I want to up my training to 6 days out of 7. He's going to do a program splitting the sessions into different body parts. Two sessions with him Monday & Friday, two on my own at my work gym on Tues & Thurs and bootcamp Wed & Sat. I know my Mum will read that and worry about me overdoing it. But I just want to try really hard and see what my body can do. If it's too much I'll cut back, honest Mum.

After PT I jogged 3miles to meet Matt for lunch. Well, I ran on the flats and downhills but it was so humid and hot I had to walk uphill. Nice views though, through the sweat spray.

I had a semi-healthy Cajun chicken salad at the pub sitting outside so as not to offend the other diners. Matt had bought me a skirt from an outdoor shop which he thought was a size 14 but actually was a 10. I thought he was being optimistic with a 14 but the size 10 waistband was about the size of my thigh so I headed back to swap it. I've never driven the Caterham on such a hot day. There is a pipe that pumps air from the engine into the footwell. This is lovely and cozy on a cool morning however on a hot day I discovered it literally cooks my shins. When I got out at the shop my legs were bright red with heat rash. So I came up with a solution....

Hmmmmm sexy shin pads!!! NOT!


BabyWilt said...

Love your shuttle run idea, hope the neighbours don't thing it too strange :-)
Please do listen to your body and cut back if need be or even just take an odd rest day if you feel over trained.

Hetty said...

Hi Lara,
My neighbours have already seen me getting into the car with pink shin pads on so no hope now!!
I promise I will be careful and listen to my body. My Mum will love you for reminding me how important that is. :) x

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