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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Monstrous day of exercise

I took Friday off work and woke up to glorious sunshine which made getting on the bike to PT at 7am more bearable. I found myself getting out of the saddle on the big long climb and giggled out loud thinking "who IS this woman?!). Six months ago when I cycled to my first ever training session I had to stop twice on that hill and was completely pooped at the top.

After a good workout of deadlifts, pushups and chinups I cycled home and had a quick change to get ready for a walk with Matt. With three weeks to go until our challenge walk it's possibly a bit late to start training but never mind! As usual I fannied around for too long packing my rucksack and ended up having to run down the hill to catch the bus in time. Not the ideal start to a long walk with legs already stiff from training.

The pic above is walking through Bakewell at the start before heading up the hill out of town. Note that Matt is already employing his usual technique of walking 2 metres ahead of me! Mind you, I don't mind the view, phnar! ;). And to be fair he walked alongside me for most of the walk and I really enjoyed being out exercising together. I'm really hoping he will get back into weight lifting too so we can have that as a shared interest and help each other out.

There were a few climbs on the route and I felt really good on them. Here's a pic climbing up from Monsal Dale....

and some furry friends who came over to say hello as we walked past...

After five hours we made it back to our local pub at 4pm. I was starving having only eaten about 400cals all day. The plan was to have a quick drink and then walk the final mile back home for dinner........ know what happens next.......

..........FIVE hours later and with at least six drinks on an empty stomach it was absolute carnage. We had bumped into a friend from work who was camping nearby and there was also a rugby club on tour staying at the pub so we got swept up in the party atmosphere. I vaguely remember running home in the rain and Dr. Matt administering an emergency cheese toastie before sending me to bed.

Somehow I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning and cycle to bootcamp. The miracle of exercise worked once again and I now feel fine, but I can't remember the last time I felt so hungry! I've had a wholewheat toasted pitta filled with cheese, some crisps and a bacon sandwich and it's barely registered. We're having massive steaks for tea which should help fill the gap. Not exactly a great day food-wise but after that much exercise I should get away with it.

Tomorrow I'm doing a big sort through all my clothes. I have loads in the loft that I've never worn because they were bought "to shrink into". It will be fun to see if any fit now. At the same time I want to start getting rid of stuff that is too big. I'll take some progress pics and dig out some more hideous 'before' photos too as I'm not being weighed for a while. I know when I started reading weight-loss blog I loved seeing how much people lost each week and imagining how I would feel if i did the same. Until my next weigh-in here are some other unexpected changes I've noticed:

- I've had to adjust my car drivers seat because less back fat means I'm further away from the wheel. How mad is that? (and how revolting that I had backboobs THAT big!)

- I've had to let air out of my mountain bike rear suspension shock because I'm not as heavy

- my pants had mysteriously started going up my bum whilst walking or working out in the last few weeks. It took me a while to figure out that it's because they're too big. Hurray! Now I can go buy some prettier undies that are small enough not to be visible from outer space!

Hope you are having a great weekend too. Apparently it might be hot and sunny tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


Ruby said...

I love doing the clothes sort. I've discovered loads of stuff that I already have for my holiday which didn't fit before, yay!

Also, I've passed the blog award torch to you - hope this is ok! Have a look at my last post..

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

Well done! And great news that Matts enjoying exercise again. X

Lesley said...

Brilliant news on the shrinking - especially getting out of the big pants!!

You're doing fantastically well and I salute you - I need all thje inspiration I can get so thanks!

Lesley x

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