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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Learning curve

I've been reading up about training methods, nutrition etc. on t'internet and really struggling to put my ipad away at the end of the night as it's all so fascinating.  There is loads of great info and transformation stories on  Although I wouldn't want to get that ripped or get into contests etc. it's good to learn more about the basics of using weights and eating to fuel exercise properly.

On the eating front I'm trying to eat more regularly throughout the day, rather than 3 meals with a big gap and energy crash inbetween.  So I'm taking a box of fruit, pecans, yoghurt and veg to graze on at work.  At lunch I buy a tuna and cottage cheese salad, eat half of it midday and the rest around 4pm before I leave work. That seems to stop me being ravenous and grabbing whatever I see first when I get home! I ate again at 7pm last night but a smaller meal than my usual dinners - chicken breast, asparagus and grilled sweet potato slices with coriander and chilli.  Yum!  I feel like I'm eating too much because I'm never hungry but actually the calories add up to the same as 3 bigger meals.

Yesterday I learnt that a chin-up and a pull-up are not the same thing.  It's chin-ups that I've been trying to conquer (with palms facing you).  Pull-ups sound much harder with palms facing away so I've added that as another goal for the future. 

My goal of doing the White Peak Walk is approaching and I really haven't done much training at all.  I just haven't been able to face doing 15-20mile walks on top of the PT and bootcamp.  And my longest walk of 12miles ended badly with the hip pain.  So I guess I'll just have to give it a go and see how far I get.  I think my body might be more suited to strength and shorter distance goals rather than endurance.  I definitely look more like a shotputter than a marathon runner right now!!

I've been looking online for some pictures of women with inspiring figures so I can put some up on the fridge as a reminder of what I'm trying to achieve (and that having that extra glass of wine really isn't worth it!).  I'd like to look athletic and be able to see muscle definition.  I'm trying to find people with similar height, body type etc. so it's realistic.  But I'm not sure I really know what my body type is like underneath or what I really look like.  I'll ask Jon for advice on that one.  Maybe if I look at a picture of myself alongside others I can figure it out. 
I'm not sure what the rules are about posting pictures from the internet that don't belong to you?  I'll try to find out so I can put them on here as a goal too.  If anyone knows please tell me!

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