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Monday, 6 June 2011

Helloooooo 13s!! What took you so long?

Hoorah, 3lbs lost gets me to 13.12 and out of the 14s forever.  Blimey I took my time in the 14s didn't I?  I'm so fired up now and determined not to hang around in the 13s for quite so long.  Lots of goals are looming:  So close to getting under 30 BMI and out of the obese category.  3lbs gets me to 2 stone lost.  And maybe soon my bodyfat will drop below 30%.  So I've turned those goals red to show how urgent they are in my head!

My waist measurement has stayed the same though as has bodyfat and that is totally due to the vino destructo.  My legs had reduced by an inch in 4 weeks so there's no excuse for my wine belt staying the same. 
So enough of the wine and back onto the diet mixers.....
(..........anyone else getting de ja vu?
               'm sure I've said that practically every month since I started?!).

I asked HPI to stop buying mixed cases of wine as he doesn't drink white so there's really no need to buy it.  His response was that I should use willpower rather than asking him to stop buying it.  I know he's right but I still found it a bit annoying when he doesn't drink the stuff.

Jon's designed a brill new program for developing strength.  It includes a proper deadlift with a barbell that makes me emit a very odd and completely involuntary wheezy grunt when I lift it.  As long as it only affects my mouth and nowhere further south I don't mind!  I do live in fear that one day I'll accidentally let a trump out and then (as I always do) collapse onto the floor in hysterics resulting in a rapid-fire pumping in time with my laughing.

I have 4 weeks until I go to a personal shopping appointment with my sister (John Lewis do it for free which is ace as I am clueless about fashion but not willing to actually pay someone for help).  So I am going to kick my ass SO hard over these 4 weeks and see where I can get to by then.


starfish264 said...

Whoop - congratulations on that loss!! I've been trying to get out of the 12's *forever* now and seem permanently stuck, so I've half-way forgotten that glorious feeling when you break new ground, but I'm dead-chuffed for you! :o)

Hetty said...

Thanks! :) It's very inspiring reading about your surfing, running club etc. I would love to try surfing but am still at the 'too scared they won't have a wetsuit big enough' stage! Looking forward to hearing how your weekend lesson goes.

BabyWilt said...

Hahahahahaaaa, what a picture!!!! Apparently farting whilst squatting is funny eeeerrrrmmmmmm.....hopefully I'll never let you know for sure though ;-)
Great month for you and all heading in the right direction, well done.

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

Massive Congrats mate. Really chuffed for you. You've done ace and I bet you look stunning!

Looking forward to going out for a ride soon x

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