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Monday, 13 June 2011

Frigging scales again

Last week I did two personal training sessions, two bike rides, a run and two bootcamp sessions. I ate well and avoided wine 6 days out of 7. I was actually looking forward to being weighed this morning and what did I get from the scales for all that effort? 0.4kg gain. B*stards!
I'm not letting them win though. I'll just try twice as hard this week and reclaim two weeks worth of reward in one go, thank you very much!

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Victoria said...

The bastards!

Chin up, it will show next week.

Vics x

Bumble said...

Its an absolute bugger when that happens isn't?! You have my sympathies!

I find its the weeks where you think you've been a little naughty that you get the great loss and the weeks you think you've been positively angelic the scales start misbehaving!

Onwards and upwards (or downwards rather in terms of the numbers on the scale!)

Hetty said...

Haha you are so right. The week I finally got into the 13s I swear I'd had a gin and tonic most nights and had some naughty foods. Fingers crossed it is a better result next week.

starfish264 said...

I have slowly come to the conclusion that the losses very rarely show up on the weeks you've actually be a saint - they usually show up the week afterwards. By which time, I've usually slacked off a bit in a strop at the non-appearance, and then I get a loss and think "hurrah - I can carry on like this", and then promptly get a gain the week after, when it catches up with me. Don't follow my example. ;o)

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