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Monday, 13 June 2011

Foam rolling

Foam rolling YouTube vid

I've been trying to massage a really painful spot near my shoulder blade and found the deep shoulder blade move in this vid really good. Nothing to do with the presenter being easy on the eye, promise. ;)

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starfish264 said...

Lol - that's making my laugh - you should meet my ex-PT - he never bothered with a foam roller for me - he just used himself for bodyweight to help me stretch .... ooooh-errr - I didn't know where to look! ;o)

Hetty said...

Haha yes I do remember reading one of your posts about that. I would either have had hysterical giggles, guffed or both. Sounds like value for money tho!! :)

T said...

Your foam roller looks like something for taming an unruly boyfriend I reckon.
What you really need is a bit of Coach Troy. Oh yes. Those boy scout shorts pulled up to his nipples and his scrunchy little Bear Grylls face. How can you not swoon.

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