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Friday, 17 June 2011

D'you want the good news or the bad news?

Starting with the bad.....
I had fish and chips on Monday night. Oops. I had a work deadline on Tuesday and just couldn't be arsed to cook. On Tuesday I worked until 7:30pm but didn't eat too badly, erm... But I might have had some wine after finally finishing all the work.
And then I missed bootcamp on Wednesday night because I got stuck at work late. Although it is the first one I've missed since it started so not too bad I guess.
No idea what the scales will do on Monday as a result of this naughtiness.

But the good news is I'm progressing well towards this months fitness goals. I feel a bit stronger with the pull-up training. Still can't do a full one but am a little bit closer. My pushups are loads better as I can finally get my nose and chest all the way down to the floor. I've increased my deadlifts from 50kg to 80kg so on target to achieving 100kg in another 2 weeks. I realised 100kg is 220lbs and that was how much I weighed when I started this. It will be fantastic to be fit enough to lift the fat old me. Considering I'd never done anything with a barbell until two weeks ago I'm chuffed I haven't snapped my back in two! I tried the sumo technique instead of conventional yesterday but didn't like the shorter range of movement so will stick with the narrow stance.

I'm brand new to this lifting weights lark and there is so much to learn but that's part of the fun. It's really inspiring reading blogs and seeing people's progress pictures too.

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BabyWilt said...

Well done on the weights, your progress is amazing :-)

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