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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Achy breaky lats

Wow this new program has battered my upper body and stomach muscles.  It physically hurt to watch Glee last night laughing at Sue Sylvester's insults (but I stuck it out because I love that show, even though I hate musical things!  I think I am the only woman on the planet that didn't enjoy Mamma Mia!).
I sent Jon a jokey email saying how much pain I was in and so I should stay in this phase of the program until I can do a full pull-up and 100kg deadlift.  I should really not joke about these things as of course he replied saying that was the new goal for the next 4 weeks.  Arse! 

So I'll add them over there on the left but I realllly don't think it's gonna happen that soon seeing as I'm currently not able to get my head above the pull-up bar and am dead lifting 50kg.  Think I was using my back too much because my knees were still stiff after Saturdays single-leg squats at bootcamp.  So I wasn't able to sit down into the start of the lift.

Anyone got any good tips for how to deal with muscle soreness and stiffness?  Are there any supplements that help with that or foods/fluids or is it best just to stick to the old baths/self-massage/stretching stuff?  I asked HPI to rub my shoulders but he didn't want to as it'd make his thumbs tired. :(  Perhaps I should just get myself a gigantic Swedish masseur called Sven?

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